My Hands Are God.


I’m a massage therapist,  pianist,  flautist, painter, fine artist, carpenter & mom. Everything I do involves my hands.  Without them I wouldn’t be able to do anything I know.  They are the center of my universe,  & are what keep my world balanced,  flowing, & productive. When I fail to create- be it order,  beauty,  sound, comfort – my world turns to insanity.

My insanity: a crazy need to restore that balance at all costs,  including a literal up-ending of life itself,  creating a seemingly chaotic environment. You’d think that’d be worse,  but in my world it’s not,  because I know that’s more temporary, and less insane,  than to just keep doing the benign mundane and hamster-wheeling life away.

In essence I’m now doing just that, and it’s the precise reason my husband is virtually begging  me to blog. I’m turning our world upside down,  a veritable Kali-Ma to my little family, in hopes of a brighter more balanced calm future, where I’ve actually created something. A better place literally & figuratively.

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