New beginnings, old endings

Life has been a battle for financial stability,  & a feeling of security.  Pile  on top of that having spent 3 years in an apartment complex with an out of control bed bug problem.

It’s been a never ending cycle of kill them in our apartment, with – oh look,  they’re back,  must’ve come through the walls/carpet again.

Enough is enough.   There’s that insanity I  referenced in my initial post. If I’m ever going to fix our situation, something has  to change.

I’m a massage therapist,  despite everyone’s preconceived notions,  we don’t make a lot of moolah.  After all my overhead,  licensing,  insurance,  taxes,  & fees – I break about 12 grand a year working  full time. Yikes! Sadly, it’s about the same as my wages  used to be working in graphic design for a family owned screen printing company. Needless to say – those aren’t my solutions – believe me,  I’ve tried.


So where does all this & a floor-plan of a mobile home come in you ask?

This is not the exact current floor-plan, in fact I’m dealing with a 2 bedroom-  used to be 2 bath, but really is 1 bath now – mobile home.  The up side,  it’s free.

After extolling my woes & conundrum to my friend, for what seems  like the thousandth time- she offered.  “You know I have an extra trailer on  my property. You can have  it as  soon as Dotty moves out. ” Maybe, I said.

5 or 6 offers later it started looking really good.  3 or 4 later, I was sold.  It’s way out in the country – more fuel.  But FREE! No more rent! It needs A Lot of work- ok,  not ideal,  but I got this.  I’ve done everything before in bits & pieces, this will just put all my skills to work at once.  Bonus,  I can customise,  & eventually be off grid. A pretty home that’d be mine,  & just the way I want,  & if we’re careful (& throw a ton of stuff away) in moving,  bug free!

Ok… I think. 

This is huge…. all the planning, calculations,  materials,  work,  stuff needing packed & stored, stuff needing purchased/found,  so many steps.  I’m going to be living in essentially a plywood  box,  with my family,  & for how long? How  long does it take to move all the Windows & doors,  & rebuild the roof?  When you’re working for  money, you’re not working on the house,  & vice versa. We’ll have water,  at least 1 sink & tub will be finished before move in. But DAMN!

Now you see the insanity.  The flat out,  I’m a crazy woman that’s completely lost her mind & dragging her whole family along, just so that in 4 or 5, maybe even 6 years,  we’ll have a beautiful home & much less of  a burden income wise.

She’s said she’ll sign over the title eventually,  & we’ve discussed getting acreage closer to the metro- & if she wants to move  with us,  that’s ok too, she has  her own trailer. That’s a win,  win in my book,  just have to watch car fuel consumption in the meantime.

I can do this.  I am Woman, I have & use power tools- Hear Me Roar! ( Helen Reddy “I am Woman”)

Plus,  I bought my dream tub today for $87.50 at Habitat Restore.



It has 6 jets, & has been tested for functionality (but not leaks – small issue to test before installation). I’m so excited to install & use this for the first time!

Wish me/us luck! We’ll need all we can get!

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