Update on progress. ….

I do believe I’m still crazy in doing this,  but  crazy times call for desperate measures.

I’ve been in a constant state of motion since returning from the visit to the Ohio grandparents. That is,  except when I’m sleeping,  & even then I’m not stopping  long enough. There have been several nights with less than 6 hours of sleep.  It’s like I’ve gone  back to college,  at least that’s the last time I was this kind of busy.

Let’s see.

The wood hutch is compete!  Yay! I should secure the roof (truck topper) better, but otherwise it is stable & secure. Again: free scrap lumber,  free doors,  free topper, $7 in screws,  80% my blood sweat & tears, with a little help from  Anya,  Nathan,  & Ashley.


It’s quite large,  this is me inside,  standing upright.

Plenty of shunshine gets in too, & the small openings ensure great airflow for drying of wood.

Bottom right in that picture is the wood pile. It took 4 trailer loads  over 2 very long days to bring all of this in,  & there’s more to be brought yet.  Here’s another view.


The white tarp to the right is small pieces that have already been cut down & sorted.

The tree we’re working on is almost done.  There is only one trunk to fell yet and, the stump has already been cut down further & all the large bits are now  in manageable pieces. This photo was from just before we worked the stump down. The rope is hanging from the last remaining trunk.


Our goal is to finish  it off this coming Monday. Then we can make another couple of trips with the last of the wood.
I still want to make at least one haul of wood from around our apartment too. Last fall they cut a bunch down, & most of it is in medium pieces that should only take 2 people to lift. Some of it is already small enough for one person to manage. If so,  then we’ll have a whole lot more wood at our access.

Packing  commences. Ok,  so that’s mostly been Nathan and  Anya to this point,  but it’s still progress! I did buy 4 totes so that everyone has someplace safe & clean to keep their frequently used non-clothing items. (I haven’t filled mine yet! )

Work,  work,  and more work.  I’ve been picking up everything that I can to try and create more income.  Alas,  I’m busy as a bee, but not seeing the results – at least not yet. 
One of the many additions was a T-shirt design for one of my buildings. When it’s done and approved,  I’ll show it.
Otherwise,  I’ve  done some extra house calls,  chair massages, added a nursing home,  and done hard labor – all to attempt extra cash flow.

Nathan has finished taking the ceiling paneling down.  Just need to drag the bits outside and bag the insulation for trash.
We called the 2 closest trash companies to price a roll-away, and it was ridiculous because of the rural nature.  SO…. manual loading & hauling with the borrowed trailer it is.

The garden!  It’s doing soooo well that I expanded.


The 13- 5 gallon buckets are full of a variety of squash seeds. The 2 Brown pots far left are flowers.
I added 2 sections to the garden for kale,  onions,  and a variety of herbs. The patch by the shovel, used to be a compost pile, so I filed it with flower seeds.

Here’s a close up of the bits doing well.



I’ve decided that either natural selection will eventually need to kick in,  our I’ll have to start picking things myself. The herd will need thinned one way or another if I want anything to grow to full size.

All the while, I was juggling getting my thyroid script rewritten & refilled,  which took long enough I ran out.  So then, I spent a few days on OTC & iodine to attempt and compensate.  Needless to say,  there were tears shed, and many battles with myself to keep moving and going.

Finally,  we helped Jennifer to clean her pasture while the grass was short enough to do so. That was an interesting experience,  but resulted in pretty pasture.


About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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