Proverbial knock some sense into me.

Today was productive  in a way, at least in the expensive sense. 

Our van clicked over 181800 miles today.  We did the route,  took a nap,  & proceeded to pick up the borrowed utility trailer for  some  hauling.  Upon arrival I discovered I’d bought the wrong ball. Well shoot. Let’s fix that.
I thought: we have  the smaller ball,  but it’s on  the wrong size bar, why not just put it on the correct bar.  Nope. 40 mile round trip and 3 hours later I had to buy a hitch assembly to get everything to be the right size.  I now have 2 – 1 & 7/8″ balls with different guage bolt ends, 1 – 2″ ball welded to a 2″ bar, & the new 2″ bar, & old 1″ bar.
Yay! More hitches than I know what to do with considering I don’t currently own a trailer at all. Of course,  I’ve never owned one, and after  today I’m left saying “I hate balls!”. Though  I’m seriously considering buying the one utility trailer from Harbor  Freight. It’s on sale for $400 & it would pay for itself in one trip if Nathan has to drive  to West Virginia and Ohio to help with the Aunt’s move.  Bonus it’d  make my mistake ball  purchase useful!  Of course,  purchasing that  trailer would impeed upon other  more pertinent purchases. …. a conundrum dilemma.

Anyway,  once we finally got a hitch assembly figured out,  we picked up the trailer and headed for the nearest Menards.  It’s my favorite hardware and home  improvement store.  Hands  down to  any other big brand.  Can’t beat their  massive selection & great  pricing. Downside- the closest one is in Saint Joseph – 40 min from anything we’re doing. Totally worth the drive though.
Today’s trip was to utilize  some tax return money to get subfloor & plumbing supplies. $500 later I had done  just that. We loaded up & drove  back & dropped off just as a storm began rolling in.

I was relishing in the moment of we’ll be able to start that- actual construction – next week. …when all of a sudden: Clunk & **saw stars**. Anya had dropped the tailgate on my head. She didn’t mean to, and it jarred her just as bad as it did me because when I gathered my wits I found her crying. One giant goose egg later,  Anya knows that I know it was an accident. However,  I can’t help thinking that this might be the proverbial knock some sense into you. I was senseless for  a moment or two and had to sit on the ground to regroup.

Regardless,  I’m certain I know what I’m doing. I know it’s a monster of a project that will keep me  insanely busy for months  to come.  It will cost me as much or more than any apartment ever  has.   I’ll have  to look things up,  and re-learn many things- crossing my fingers that mistakes with be kept at minimum.   It already has,  and will continue to stress me out up to my eyeballs.

However,  it’ll be mine,  I’ll have done it.  I’ll have literally provided for my family in the most tangible way, and it’ll be beautiful and unique – just like me.  It’ll be what I want, colorful,  organized,  spacious.  I’ll have a space of my own,  a
retreat for the first time in years.  And I won’t owe anyone a penny for  it when it’s done.  It’ll be ours until we die.  And it’s the key to finding myself and my strengths again.

For instance,  my garden is growing beautifully and abundantly.  I’m so excited to have  food that I grew for  the first time in a decade! I wanted to take a picture to share,  but we didn’t make it back before dark, so I’ll share that as soon as possible.  I left welcoming the rains to encourage the growth, since I didn’t get to accomplish watering today.

I’m utterly terrified,  but oh so excited.

I can use all the good juju you can send me! Prayers,  magick, energy,  affirmations,  & blessings welcome!

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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