Moved, still working.

Progress is slow at times, but any forward motion is still progress. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, because if things are not going as planned I stress because I have forgotten that sentiment.

We’ve moved into the not ready mobile home. It was a solution for wasting both time and money, however, it has pushed all of my buttons to the max. We’ve had excessive heat on top of the other stresses, so I’m having to distract myself as much as possible.

We have a friend in Smithville that has a pool, and she’s been kind enough to let us go swimming a couple of times, and follow swimming with a nice refreshing shower. I can’t tell you how much that alone has helped this week.

Work on home itself has nearly crawled to a halt. I have supplies for the next step, but it’s a matter of either working while it’s exhaustingly hot, or trying to save enough energy for when it’s not so ridiculously hot= neither of which we’ve managed to do successfully.

What we have gotten done though:

  1. The trash pile is shrinking. We’ve taken bags to local dumpsters that we got permission to use limitedly- as in a bag or 2 a day, not everything we have. We also took a load to the nearest Landfill, which happens to be in Saint Joseph. If it weren’t so far away, we’d have had more than one load hauled by now. Being it is a 50 min drive, I have to allow 5 hours to load, drive, unload, and drive back. Fortunately, it only costs $20 per load, so a few more of those and all the trash will be gone. That equals happiness!
  2. I have been able to get the garden decorated nicely. Now there are a multiplicity of bird feeders, both store bought and home-made. Momma bird, I’ve been told is a Carolina Wren, and she didn’t like me being so close to her house, but she’s enjoyed the feed once I was done!



  3. We got a new to us swing and trampoline and hauled them out. We haven’t set the trampoline up yet, because we want to put it where the trash pile currently is. The goal is to have that spot cleared out and cleaned up within the next couple of weeks, then the trampoline only takes about 30 min to set-up. Anyway, this is the swing, pardon the tote and towel. I snapped the picture after Ian had been playing in water in the tote like a kiddy pool. You’d think I would have just bought a little pool for him, but it’s been on the bottom of my priority list.20160611_180648
  4. I’ve harvested from the garden a couple of times. We’ve gotten lettuce greens of 2 varieties, kale of 3 varieties, Brussel-sprout greens, Beet greens, and raddish greens, beans/snap peas,  raddishes, spinach, and pok choy. The raddishes and beets went to flower, so I had to cut all of them way back, but I think they’re doing great otherwise. We have a small green caterpillar that has really enjoyed eating our spinach and pok choy, but I don’t mind sharing a little of our plentiful garden. I tried pulling one of the carrots, and it was too small to even count as a baby carrot yet, but growing heartily. We watered the garden several times, but I think it’s about time to provide some fertilizer to encourage growth. The herbs are slowly catching up with the rest of the garden, so the fertilizer would help that along nicely.


  5. Flowers are blooming too! I’ve got wild flowers, marigolds (calendula), fuscia, and poppies all in bloom. And I found out the blue flowers I referenced a couple of weeks ago is called spiderwort and is a medicinal wild flower!


  6. We’ve got wildlife galore. I put out feeders that are oriole and wren friendly. I’ve got some for finches, and wood peckers, and a general wild bird food. Mrs. Wren has built a home in the one bird house, and I’ve seen some other birds examining the 2nd bird house. I’ve seen cardinals, blue jays, vultures, Blue Herons, Owls, and Hawks. Something ate some of the lettuce, and we’ve seen King Snakes and lots of Deer. We even had several Luna Moths grace our presence during their week of mating! I love the nature here!


  7.  We went to haul water, and the tank didn’t quite fit on the utility trailer because of the dimensions of the 2 x 4 sides I built, so I threw together a frame out of 2 x  12’s for the tank to rest on. It worked perfectly and we’ve been able to haul water for the animals and Jennifer twice now.
  8. The ticks are horrendously bad this year, every time I went to work outside I found myself picking them off my legs left and right, and still ended up finding a couple later on. It was bad enough that when I told my friend Becky, she said chickens and guinea hens eat ticks. I was so sick of the ticks at that point, I said done, getting chickens ASAP! Jennifer knows someone that can get her 50 of them for almost nothing by next week. So today was building the coop day. I’m almost half done, and again using free scrap wood and bits that came from the house. It won’t be pretty, but it’ll function like every other chicken coop ever built. I wish there was  an award for ingenuity in using trash to build functional structures. Between the wood hutch and chicken coop, I think I’d win! I’ll post pics of the coop when it’s done (hopefully tomorrow evening= if it stops raining to finish it).
  9. Beyond that we’ve done laundry, I’ve worked at my contract buildings, I replaced the battery on my scooter, put the storage compartment back on the scooter, taken the van in for a tune up, and done all the regular tid=bits of everyday life that have always existed. I think that’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

So, NOT the major home remodeling accomplishments that I’d hoped I’d be reporting by now, BUT we have done stuff. It’s still that forward motion I referenced earlier. I’ll just keep chugging away, and one day, it’ll be a great comfy cozy home. Just have to maintain my sanity for now.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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