Llama chase  fail.

Today was a day of Llama Chase. It started as most days slow but steady.  I overslept only by an hour,  but as I woke,  I kept thinking:  we’re not going to get anything done today. (More on that in a bit).

 I pulled up my calender and began devising a game plan for the day, as I was speaking with Nathan about the day I just kept saying I don’t think we’ll have enough time to get done what I’d hoped to. He said we’ll give it a shot,  do the best we can,  & cover up what doesn’t get finished.  He told me go get dressed and he’d  fix breakfast quick. 
So I started getting kids situated & was about to pull out my clothes.  He said breakfast was ready & immediately exclaimed “Why is there an atv  in the driveway?” followed very quickly with “That’s the llama, why is she out!?”

I was so startled I began the chase wearing only a sarong. No shoes, nothing but a sarong. As I clutched the sarong closed I began to run after JD, the lady llama, trying in vain to guide her back to the entrance of the pasture. I yelled for Anya to go get Ashley,  Jennifer’s eldest daughter. At that point I took off up the hill for toward the old pasture, now owned by someone else. I gave up Chase as Anya & Ashley came back out.  I told them where she ran & said I needed to get shoes to help more. 

I ran back, threw on shorts & tank top & shoes in record time. 

As I made it up the hill Ashley informed me that they had got her part way back & she split for the trees. She said we needed more people. We told Nathan to take Ian over to Jennifer & help us herd the llama.

2 laps around the 10 acres of old pasture later,  the llama took off down the road. All of our attempts to catch her failed,  including trying my scooter, trying riding the horse,  & blocking the driveways with vehicles. 

Another hour later she was on the property of the neighbor a half mile away. He pulled out his atv, explaining she’d been there since last night & he was the one that had run her back 2 hours earlier.  We had no idea she was even out because everyone got home late last night.

Anyway another ATV chase. Still nothing.  The neighbor took phone numbers & said he’d try again later & call when he did.

At that point some of us needed to leave for KC, so stuff was gathered & we left: exhausted, hungry, & thirsty. 

Needless to say,  my intuition was right.  Absolutely nothing was accomplished,  nothing got done.  


Now what was it we’d intended to do?

Finish the floor section we had started last week. We’d spent 14 hours one day pulling out 3 layers of patches, one of which was filled with a brown carpet remnant, sheets & yoga mat.  Cutting out old metal piping,  & started laying new joists. 

In that process I’d managed to accidentally grab the tail of a Prairie King Snake as it slithered out of the old drain plumbing. I know they’re harmless,  but it startled me bad enough to squeal for a couple of minutes.

By the end of that day I was so tired & dirty, I  gave up on the idea of finishing until another day.  As Nathan put it we are not a team of construction workers,  it’s just the 2 of us.  We did pretty good,  & left it with the chip board just laying loosely over the open section. 
…. That was last Tuesday, & it’ll be another week until we accomplish the task. Why?


Work. 2-  14 hour days last week, with a 16 hour day in between.  Then Saturday & Sunday our schedule was as followed:


5am: leave for Topeka,

7:30 begin volunteering for Dog Show as fundraiser for homeschool group activities

5pm finish with Dog Show day 1, dinner on way home

8pm home, sleep

1am Sunday up for paper route

6:30am finish paper route in Eagleville, potty break,  then head 2.5 hours back to Topeka

9am arrived at Dog Show 1.5 hr. later than planners wanted us there, better late than never.

The ring I was stewarding finished judging at 3pm. Other people including Nathan were still busy. I sat down with Ian & began to get super tired & nauseous. By the time Nathan was done I was slap happy & heavy. Had trouble walking back to the car. Again stopped for dinner on the way home.

8:30 home, put chickens to bed,  then crawled to bed myself.  Whew. 

That was last night,  & now you know why I overslept an hour this morning!

This week is set to be very similar, so hence a week until we’ll get back to the floor. 

But we will, we always keep chugging on.
With that here’s some pics of the floor work & dog show.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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