Tis the season. 

Happy holidays everyone.

Tis the season for busy bustle, and it’s no different for us. As if we haven’t already been insanely busy. 

We moved into the 3rd house for heat, & 3 weeks later we’re still cleaning & pulling belongings from the shell of our house to be.

All of my houseplants froze. I’ll end up having a small “plant funeral” when the proverbial dust settles.

We’ve had the wood stove fired up for a while now,  and I must say I love it. There’s nothing like having a fire to watch,  and the heat is amazing.  We’ve now gotten the house  so warm that we were getting dehydrated (even with kettles of water on top) & overheated ourselves. I’ve opened windows on 3 occasions to help cool down. 

There is a little bit of a learning curve. I’m the best at restarting it in the morning without filling the house with smoke, but by no means perfect. We’ve also learned a lot about hard vs. soft woods, & how to stack the fire to last overnight.  We’ve had a few mornings where we woke up cold  because of improper fire building & failing to tend in the middle of the night.  Though even those somewhat cold mornings are no comparison to space heaters with no insulation.  I’ll take the failed fire any day!

Since we’re  using the wood stove,  we’re using wood.  Apparently, we didn’t cut much wood to the proper size, so Nathan’s been a veritable lumber jack cutting  wood most of several days now.  Luckily our work last summer means that we have plenty to cut.

Cats are not only enjoying the heat,  but they are getting along great. It’s so much fun watching them playing,  & every time I sit the 3 young ones come sit on me & cuddle.  I told Nathan that it’s ok I’m not pregnant,  I had a litter of kittens. Ha!

No run in’s with momma cougar,  but I did have a dream I’ll share in another post. It was pretty funny. 

This house isn’t pretty either,  & has it’s own share of needing fixed,  but I think I’ve managed to make it feel more like home.  Nathan says I’ve raised the vibrations of it as home by several notches. 

Finally,  right now I’m  headed (car-pooling) to the final practice  for the community choir & orchestra- of which I was begged to join. The 4th instrument I learned growing up was Oboe, and they needed one. 

 Our  Holiday performance is Saturday, and I’m torn because I am enjoying playing music again, but this has been way more stressful than I’d like.  Fitting it into my schedule was hard enough,  but car-pooling hiccups meant I was late more often than on time – something the director didn’t take well to. I became the veritable whipping boy & anything that was wrong with intonation was blamed on me.  Now I’m essentially biting a hole in my lip to try & play as sharp as everyone else.  

You see when many instruments warm up they tend to gravitate toward being sharp,  Oboe definitely gravitates toward flat. Hence the dissonance. 

I was playing directly into my digital tuner so I knew that I was hitting notes mostly on pitch, but even on pitch  against a quarter step sharp sounds horrible. 

 So, he rudely took me off of a part 2 practices ago.  The removal only partly bothered me in and of itself.  It was how he rudely did it in front of everyone that really upset me. 

Now I find myself playing tentatively or not at all. What was supposed to be a fun revival of concert hall music,  now has become me trying to decide if I even want to show up for the performance. 

Sadly,  my responsible ass will show up and play even if I feel like a stupid out of tune schmuck. I will just have to try to not let it bother me.

Maybe my wonderful love interest will keep distracting me with his great conversations- I know Nathan misses him as much as I do. It’s wonderful to have such a supportive husband. 

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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