Let it go, just kidding. 

So this week has brought with it a gaggle of strong people (mostly women)  in pain. 

I have waded through the muck of a half dozen people with almost the exact same tension pattern of varying degrees of severity.  Neck, to mid back, & heavy to one side.

After having worked on the friend I mentioned in my last post,  I noticed I was carrying similar tension, but thought I’d overdone exercising on the rowing machine at the YMCA.

But the people  kept  calling.  Each one admitting they’d been hurting for a while,  and that’d it finally gotten unbearable.  After the 2nd one I thought,  maybe mine isn’t from exercise.  Then 3 & 4 appeared at work & I figured I was carrying some collective energetic junk. Finally after 2 more friends begged me for help for the same issue,  I knew for sure something has to be in the collective energy field.

It happens every great once in a while.  In my career of nearly a decade I’ve noticed it maybe 8, or so, times.  Like mass hysteria,  everyone suddenly has the same physical complaints (or very similar with a majority of overlap). Unfortunately,  I’ve never escaped it myself. Nathan thinks this particular round might have to do with the impending inauguration, being that the strong women I’m around all find Trump offensive. I can’t say I disagree with that sentiment.

Anyway, this time is no different for me. After a wild week of riding the emotional roller coaster,  sifting through my own muck, & helping others with their shoulders- mine finally got unbearable.  By last night’s route I was having trouble moving,  any twisting motion sent pain shooting up my spine. I  told Nathan, and he offered to help. 

He vibrated my back & hips. He massaged with his hands, and finally he applied cups for me.

After about an hour (maybe 90 min) of very intense work,  this is what I look like. 

Nathan did a great job considering that I’m the one that was trained in cupping. I guided him on where to put the cups based on where I was feeling it most, & I said “when”, when each cup hit my intensity toleration limit.  Then you wait for it to work- 20 to 40 min.

I’m so grateful for Nathan doing this for me. I get my professional massage from my great therapist tomorrow,  but I knew I wouldn’t make it to my appointment if I didn’t do something. 

The cupping took a huge dent out of the severe tension.  And from the look of the picture,  I was storing up a lot of toxins.  It’s called stagnation when your muscles produce the dark purple peticia  you see on my back. It looks like a bruise, but really it’s just toxins (salts, lactic acid,  built up minerals,  etc.) having been pulled to the surface . They’ll be a little tender for about 24 hours and then I won’t even know they are there anymore.  They fully process out through kidney function in about 5 to 7 days. 

Now that being said,  Nathan didn’t solve the problem 100%, so I’ll definitely still need my massage tomorrow, & I  may have her do some more cupping to get anything that was missed.  When it’s done in a massage context, you can even drag the cups to really break up tension in the fascia- I’m thinking I need that.

I also asked my friend that has an inversion table if I could use it soon,  and she said Tuesday works. So I’ll essentially have 3 days in a row of self care. Time consuming, yet soothing, quite time… ample time to keep processing mentally.

With that being said.  My hour of cupping & vibrating was well utilized for visualization.

So far I can’t get “the boy” (that’s a short term of indearment to substitute for “online friend”) – out of my head.  Oh, I’ve tried.  No luck so far. I just can’t brush off the way the connection feels. Something that rare and special just doesn’t happen every day.

So for now I’m chalking it up to I don’t know what it means,  & I’m sending love anyway.  Maybe I’m not supposed to fully understand this one.  Regardless,  I’m going to make the best of it. So when he comes to mind,  I think pleasant thoughts, visualize what I’d prefer to happen.  It soothes me every time. … Now, if I could just figure out why I had a really vivid memory yesterday of a seemingly insignificant interaction with a man at Whole Foods from probably well over a year ago (it was warm weather, but I can’t remember spring vs fall)- I think it’d help make sense of some things. 

Anyway, my time this afternoon was that and visualizing other good things in my life.  I may not fully understand the law of attraction,  and I still think there’s either a hiccup or something I’m missing,  but it does feel good to practice visualizing future goodness. So, be it money,  vehicles,  home,  or this confusing man, I am attempting to think and visualize positive  more often. It seems to help with anti-rumination too.

Here’s to hoping that there’ll be a better brighter future in my little family,  and a little clarity on the way to it!

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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