More mantras and such. 

So the last few days I continued with working on myself. According to Ms. Hay in “You Can Heal Your Life”: back pain is related to how you feel about life. In a web page that is more of a synopsis of information found in the book, she suggests the affirmation:I know that Life always supports me.  The book suggests simply: I am supported in life, or life supports me. The suggested emotions are that of guilt,  feeling lack financially,  or feeling stuck in the past- the latter 2 definitely ring a bell for me. So I’ve been working with that a lot.
I’ve adjusted my preferred mantras for listening/singing to help.  I’ve always felt the rendition of the Acchi Mantra by Lisa Theil feels like healing energy to me: LISTEN HERE. Years ago when I first found that mantra, it used to make me cry it felt so overwhelmingly good.  Now it still helps me feel better,  but the energy seems to more gentle on  me these days. Needless to say I’ve listened to it a lot the last few days. 

I also thought it smart to invoke that divine creative energy embodied by Brighid & Kali. As I  referenced previously, I’ve done the destructive,  and I very much want to resume creating beauty. What better way to do that than more mantras? 

I do like a Brigid piece: LISTEN HERE.

But I wanted to honor Kali’s energy as well,  2 influences are better than one,  especially when they share traits/qualities/goals. Anyway,  in the past I never found a Kali mantra that resonated. I found the old Brahman voices to be more harsh than mellow, & the traditional female singers sounded whiney to me. But I went searching again and found THIS. Most excellent,  totally resonated with me and my preferences,  and had a strong Kali mantra I already knew.  Great! I purchased the track through Amazon Music and added it to my playlist.  Mantra Happiness.

I now have a solid 90min of great mantras that help lift me up during my commute.  I still put  some of them on repeat as needed to really benefit from them. The new Kali one & the Acchi Mantra have both been on repeat this week. I’m  mostly feeling better. 

I’m sure that the mantras only helped the other measures I’ve taken this week to feel better, but it’s still worth it.  Besides honoring the divine is always beneficial, and I’ll never turn down a little help from the other side. 

By the way,  may back isn’t instantly fixed,  and I’ve really nailed Psoas Major & Minor with a massage ball in an effort to fix it, but it’s definitely on it’s way to being better. A little more trigger point work and some more mantras and I’ll “be right as rain”. 

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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