Way too fast!

So, WordPress let me know that I’ve hit my 1 year anniversary.  At that point I’d just finished my last blog post making 67 posts. This will be 68. It seems like that’s not really possible,  but I believe them.  This year went way too fast and I wish I’d gotten much more done. C’est la vie. Onward and upward.

My goal for this next year of blogging: progress. I want to be able to report lots of progress. 

I was thinking about (grumbly) a blog I read about the journey many refugees are making to Canada, and how their journey is perilous. I don’t envy them,  but it makes me realize: 

If things upset you and the goal is to feel better,  there’s only 2 possible solutions. 

Play  ostrich and plug your ears,  close your eyes,  & sing lalalala.


Do something about it.

That being said: I haven’t been gifted the ability to manifest Atira like I wrote of my desires to do so, on November 19th, so instead I have a goal to take smaller action steps to do my part to help.

I already donate money and food as often as possible,  and when I see someone on the street begging,  I do as much as I can, giving cash,  and when cash isn’t available offering them dinner or whatever I do have  access to.

At this point,  I feel like that’s not enough.

  It was suggested I run for office.  I’m not sure I can pull that off,  but I’m going to at least see what it takes to run locally. 

Option two is to leave the United States.  If I am bothered by living here having my government do the things it’s doing, then I could make my views clear by relinquishing my citizenship. My biggest hiccup with that is where to run to myself. 

Option 3 is to find ways to help refugees on the new underground railroad,  or take small action steps to help other local organizations that provide services to refugees and other homeless or endangered peoples.

I don’t know what yet,  but being a goal,  hopefully I’ll have something to write about soon. I may be short time, money, and energy,  but I still have more than some do. My gratitude of that will manifest in some kind of additional action. 

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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