100 blog posts in a year and some change. 

Today I walked 7.4 miles:  2.3 as part of my job & 5.1 in the eliptical machine at the Y (an hour workout).

After going fast on the elliptical,  I’ve decided it’s really difficult to adjust the settings down and try to slow down for a cool down.  Almost comical I think. 

Having a fitness tracker is boosting my confidence in my health,  and solidifying that I must just be designed to carry extra weight.  Maybe it’s a just in case I actually am starving. I just know that I’ve been pretty spectacular for about 3 weeks,  consuming 1500 – 1700 calories on my worst days, & half that in my best days.   Beyond that,  now that I’ve had the tracker for a week, I know I’m burning upwards of 2500 calories a day, there’s been a few days I cleared 3000.  Yet the scale has remained at 230 pounds. Nathan suggested switching to a digital scale,  but I pointed out that even a spring scale is accurate at showing weight changes,  even if the number might be off. I.e if you lose 15 pounds it’s gonna show, but it might tell you you went from 245 to 230 when really maybe you went from 249 to 234. The inaccuracy is in how closely a spring scale measures weight numerically speaking,  not whether or not the same object has changed in weight. Besides that I’ve used the old style weighted balance scale at the Y and I’m getting a similar story, no weight change.

 Anyway,  I know I’m being super healthy,  & I now have a whole mess of data & photographic evidence to back it up. Why my body wants to be larger, floppy, & curvy, I just don’t know. It’s a mystery,  but one I’m ok with.  

As long as my body is getting what it needs,  that’s what matters, and I’ve got enough evidence that it is, to be fine with the results. Besides I’m still nearly 80 pounds lighter and 3 dress sizes smaller than when I was at my heaviest. I plan to post pics of that change soon (Nathan’s working on digging up old pics I can duplicate poses of).

Even my heart rates have balanced out. I’m down to a grain and half of desiccated thyroid a day (1- 90mg tab), and the only time I notice anything is mid-day when it’s time to take my iron (I get spacy),  & first thing after waking up (my hands tend to be cold & I’m a bit sluggish to wake up). Both are normal symptoms when you’re taking just barely enough medicine to help your thyroid out,  which is where I want to be. It encourages my thyroid to try harder so I can eventually eliminate the meds all together.

So happy dance for both blogging & health!  Yea 😉

On another note.  My 2.5 year old son got ahold of his big sister’s phone and called me. All on his own.  No help.  She wasn’t even aware it happened until I called back. Scary. He’s not 3 until the end of August.   Maybe worse,  I understood everything he said when I talked to him. He told med he knew how to fix the broken lightbulb & get the stuck part out. I had to tell him of already done that & just needed to buy a new bulb. Geesh.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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