2nd blog of the day: ER

That’s me:

In the ER.

$100 and an impending big bill later, I can say I’m perfectly fine. 


I was at work having a good day.  I had just completed giving assisted living, at my one big building, their group chair massages.  I decided to have a bit of their Cheesecake bites for a snack.

About 5 minutes later as I was getting ice in my water bottle, I  had a sudden bout of intense heartburn.  That was shortly followed by a couple of short but sharp chest  pains.  Then pain started to radiate from my shoulder down my arm & I got a mild headache, with twinges of dizziness.  I sat for a few minutes hoping it’d back off. 

Then the activities assistant asked if I was ok, noticing I didn’t look right.  I said I don’t know.  I confessed that I wasn’t  feeling  right but explained it might not be me. I explained that sometimes I feel other peoples ailments, and what I was feeling was mild enough that it could be that,  or something that was mine, but not severe. 

She said I get that,  but what are the symptoms. As I described them she got concerned & had the nurse come check my BP. It was 141/81. Really just slightly elevated, which could have been the stress of the symptoms itself. 

It’s a nursing home- they’re trained to take that particular set of symptoms very seriously because it could be a heart attack or stroke. A very real cause & effect that they deal with frequently.

So they convinced me to take a 3 block ambulance ride to the Menorah Med Center ER.

I was poked, proded. Given EKG, CAT scan of  my brain, X-ray of my chest, bloodwork for clotting issues, other bloodwork, pregnancy test,  urine tests for a variety of other things. All came back fine,  negative for any problems,  and not pregnant.

The ER doctor as he was discharging me said “We’ve ruled out all of the bad scary things.  It could be musculoskeletal.” As he gave me a stern look (infer get a massage and chiropractic adjustment). Or it could be gastrointestinal (food allergies), or even a combination of the two.” He suggested following up with my primary care physician next week and said if symptoms return or worsen to get back into the ER – ASAP. He said that even though they gave  me baby aspirin for the slight BP elevation,  that it really wasn’t in a range that would normally dictate any serious treatment,  more just tracking it to see if it’s regularly that high. Which I know is not the case. Normal for me is 110’s over 60’s or 70’s, well within anyone’s normal to low guidelines. I rarely go above normal blood pressures.

As I walked the 3 blocks from the ER to my car I thought.  I felt mostly ok. Still had the headache and my neck was sore. But the thought of the dizzy spells and heartburn nagged at me. If my neck locks up it’ll cause neck, arm, shoulder pain and headaches- all to varying degrees,  but it’s never caused dizzy & heartburn at the same time. I very much had the full set of symptoms for a cardiac problem. Yet nothing showed it- not even the enzymes were present in  my bloodwork; which even if there was a short lived incident,  there would have been markers and enzymes present. It would have shown somewhere. 

Is it possible I was picking up on someone else’s problem? I certainly hope not.  I would have no idea who & no way to prevent it. Plus that would have been a very expensive psychic episode,  something I’d like not to repeat.

I honestly don’t know.  I’ll get my adjustment tomorrow morning on the way to work,  & I’ll be at the same building after lunch tomorrow.  If it was picking up on another person  I’m likely to experience it again tomorrow, as I usually feel things until they’re no longer an issue.  I’m hoping the Chiro visit first thing will be my real answer and eliminate that as a possibility. 

I like the good days I’ve been having,  and though I’m grateful that the ER visit showed nothing wrong,  I’d hate to feel that way again. Crossing my fingers. For now I’m  headed home to rest and drink plenty of water. 

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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