More Contrast: True Freedom

It’s been a day. Oh my Gods it has been a day. 

Woke up: layed in bed self adjusting through stretches. Snap-crackle-popping until I felt splendid. Took a few  minutes to think good thoughts.

Went to the restroom and was thrust into cranky children.  Ian is now like Anya used to be, and is thrashing about in his sleep.  That means Anya didn’t get good sleep last  night.  Ian was well rested,  but likes to butt heads with Anya.  He finds it amusing,  my little schadenfrüede. So her tired ran into his button pushing, and grumbling ensued. I took over.  Told Anya to nap and acknowledged that it was time to figure out how to provide him his own bed.  I also explained to Anya the same process had happened with her. 

I let Ian watch cartons, but I chose which ones.  Ian tried to push my buttons and almost won.  After a short break I was better.

 Then Ian & Anya got sent outside to play in the sandbox while I brainstormed with Nathan on things he’s been working on.  That was fun and interesting. 

By that point it was HOT! I suddenly wanted air conditioning or water fiercely… or BOTH! I offered up the lake with showers followed, & fireworks last. It was agreed and it took us another hour to prep for the 5 min drive around the country-block to swim. 

Finally we got to the lake.  I remembered Ian’s life jacket this time,  and he accepted the flotation device much easier than last year.  

He had a blast.  I was enjoying the experience.  Anya was having fun. 

About an hour in we were buzzed by a bald eagle.  It was beautiful,  but even more so was when the eagle hovered for a moment and then dove to the waters surface and caught a fish.  This was about 300 feet away from us (maybe 50 feet past  the orange buoy you can see in the 2nd image). The eagle flew up past the trees and I lost sight of it. About 10 minutes later it took another pass over us, and got very close to where Nathan was sitting on the dock. It was beautiful. 

I thought how apporpeau it was to see the nation’s symbol of freedom on the 4th of July.  Yet my brain only barely acknowledged that, before jumping to my own measly life and how it could also represent the growing freedom I’m finding spiritually and through the Law of Attraction. I thought that it was beautiful and amazing and validating all at the same time. 

I played in the sand with Ian.  He more just experimented with how the sand felt and acted and what he could do with the wet sand.  I made a winged heart in the sand. It was a very good time. 

Then as we were leaving,  I found that there wasn’t a single diaper to be found in the DIAPER BAG! Arrrgh! Right as I was on an angry rant about that, it was like someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey, haven’t you complained about everyone not listening to you so many times you’re attracting it now. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to assume the bag was empty and refill it before leaving.”

I grumbled.  When Nathan said “what”.  I said “I should have known and just made sure there were some in the bag”. He started to apologize that everyone uses them and everyone should do their part to keep them stocked. I said yep & grumbled again. He started to try and rant at me to get positive. I said I know & I created that to: I  rant, you rant,  I rant some more. Yadda yadda yadda.

  I then had to explain what I realized:  that I’d created the whole mess by ranting about that very thing so many times it was now a set pattern, and now I need to suck  it up, shut up, and recreate a new pattern. Stop the pattern first,  then work on a better response. 

Nathan thought that was hilarious.  Before I knew it we were all laughing again.  Now I need to shower so I can go enjoy those fireworks.  So yeah,  a beautifully interesting, brain hurting, painfully learning,  Law of Attraction  day.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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