Positive aspects.

Abraham Hicks suggests making lists of positive aspects to help focus on things you want. This is to help clear the mental clutter of unhelpful negative thoughts, fears, and worries. Today I’m feeling very tired, and when I get very tired I tend to slide negative. So in an effort to counter that, I’m going to list positive aspects of my husband and children, at least as I have a chance, here and there. If this takes all day, or even 2 or 3 days, then so be it. At least I know my tired brain will be contemplating good things. Beyond that it will help my body to come into alignment with my new super busy energy needs.


  • Kind, caring, and likes to make others happy.
  • Beautiful eyes (really he’s beautiful to me in general)
  • Intelligent
  • Hard working
  • Diligent, does his best to pay attention to details.
  • Thorough, Does his best to make sure things are done well.
  • Very, very supportive.
  • Good father- patient, understanding, helpful, gentle.
  • He knows how to control his anger better than I do, and thus is able to temper disciplinary actions better than I do.
  • In many ways he’s a great teacher.
  • He’s able to let go and take things easily (especially compared to me).
  • He has figured out his own functional mess/ organization needs, and is mostly able to maintain the important elements.
  • He is mindful of others needs.
  • He puts others first (almost to a fault).
  • He finds happiness easily, and allows occasional distractions to help him see beautiful moments. (not so focused that he misses the good stuff).
  • He’s compassionate.
  • He loves and cares for animals.
  • He wants justice and equality for all.
  • He is open and accepting of all walks of life, even when he himself has beliefs that may be contrary to those he’s dealing with. He’s very understanding and can still have healthy conversations with those that do have different views.
  • He supports change, moving toward politically accepted equality, protections for everyone’s rights, and for bettering our country & planet through green energy and alternatives in power/utilities/ construction resources. He has often spoken out, assisted rallies, and donated to many just causes.
  • He has gentle loving  touch, and I really appreciate cuddling with him.
  • He does his best to help me relax and de-stress, and has gotten much better at giving massages over the years.
  • He is mindful of his actions most of the time, and does his best to balance necessary things against those that are desired, when managing his time.
  • He’s soft/cuddly, but strong.
  • He does his best at any given moment to manage his health.
  • He’s working on being mindful of his eating & sleeping habits, and thus is working on improving himself.


    • Very smart.
    • Considerate of others.
    • Friendly, nice
    • Gentle (most of the time).
    • Interacts with her brother well most of the time.
    • Loves her family & friends.
    • She’s willing to learn, change, and grow. She understands the importance of self-improvement (Nathan says mainly because of me… I don’t know for sure).
    • She loves animals as well and that’s where I see her compassion the most.
    • Loving.
    • Beautiful. I know your kids are always beautiful in a parents eyes, but I’ve been told she is by others as well.
    • Strong.
    • She loves to run (which is more than I can say about myself).
    • Good with horses & cats.
    • She’s getting better at cleaning.
    • She’s learned lots of things on her own, and even more with help.
    • She does her best to help out.
    • She still enjoys playing.
    • She’s getting better at thinking critically- working on seeing the results of her actions.
    • She does her best when doing chores and gradually improves the outcome of her efforts.
    • She now sees the value in honoring shared spaces and doing her part to keep her things in her space.


    • Very, very smart.
    • Super healthy & takes vitamins willingly.
    • Very cute and adorable
    • For a 3 year old he’s already loving & compassionate (those qualities come and go depending on the day, but considering he’s only 3 that’s still great).
    • Very communicative and demonstrative. 
    • Expressive and full of words.
    • Uniquely himself… There are things he’s done since birth, let’s us see the inner him.
    • Connected to source in a big way, pure, positive connection… Regardless of how my  often-disconnected-self perceives him at any given moment.
    • Very strong.
    • Gentle with pets.
    • For being 3, he’s relatively cautious to be safe.
    • He’s also relatively respectful.
    • He’s mastered use of swear words, even when it’s appropriate to use them (totally my fault).
    • He likes being outside, running, and playing.
    • Knows when he’s messed up and his apologies are genuine.

      So for having taken 4 days to complete I feel like this is a short list. Yet, to be fair, I had very small time segments to work on it, and I re-read everything written  each time I went to add something, so that I wouldn’t duplicate myself. So, each time I got a chance I would only have time to add a couple/few items. It’s a good start. I may have time later for an update via computer, so cross your fingers for me.

      About Treasa Cailleach

      I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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