Wonderful life and names…

Today’s movie at work: “It’s a Wonderful Life”-  a classic. I forgot how funny some of the scenes were.

Anyway, having seen it many times, guess what… My mind is wandering.

I keep thinking about baby names. I suppose it’s appropriate considering I’m about half way through.

With Ian’s pregnancy I kept thinking and saying Sarah. I saw that name everywhere, and it would pop out of my mouth when it was totally the wrong name to use. So much so, that I was convinced he was a girl named Sarah. Literally about 2 weeks before he was born Nathan cornered me on a backup boy name, At which point I said I had known a good kid in highschool named Ian, and always liked the name because it was a good Celtic name that was easy. Nathan agreed and said he too had known good Ian’s.  Then when Ian was born I lifted his leg to discover he was a boy. I was befuddled. It took us nearly a week to settle his name completely, adding a middle name based upon Nathan’s best friends’ name. He had passed away the night after Ian’s birth of a bizarre infection and I thought it was good to honor him by finding a variant that fit with Ian.

So fast forward. I keep seeing Kate and Katie and Joti and Jodi. I had to look them up not wanting to fall for the same thing that happened with Ian. If I was going to go with a god given name I was going to make sure I had both boy and girl versions picked.

Kate and Katie are variants of a name that has multiple ancient appearances all meaning PURE. Ancient Greek being Kati and Hindi being Katti, both originally being boys names, or so my research said. 

I found it interesting that regardless of culture it means the same thing. I also found it interesting that once upon a time it was used for boys and has gone through variations for both genders.

 As far as a girl goes, I’ve always liked the Irish variation Katherine, but I’m having trouble with any of the boy variations except Katti with an emphasis on the “ka” sound. I’m still not sure I like it wholeheartedly, so I’ve been looking through was thousands of boy names that mean pure, I’m not sold on anything completely yet.

So moving on I looked up Joti. Discovering I had it misspelled and it is really spelled Jyoti, and it too has boy variations. I discovered it means LIGHT, like the light of a candle/flame. So I looked up Jodi and discovered it has the same meaning, it’s a westernized variation. 

After looking up both names and discovering they mean “pure light” together, I was in awe. My baby is pure light. I love that name meaning.

Katherine Jyoti sounds pretty to me. 

For boy… I Haven’t figured out a boy version of light that I really like yet. I thought about Katti Lugh or Katti Lughna. Lugh, Lug, & Lughna are variations on the Celtic god of light, but I felt like that might need work. Aiden & Egan mean fire, & Evin is radiant. 

I prefer the Celtic names as first names, but if I switch the order, not only does it put the name meanings out of order, but then I feel like Katti doesn’t sound good as a middle name either. Evin Katti or Aiden Katti just didn’t sound right to me.

So again I’m stuck. I love the girls’ name and it’s beautiful meaning. If I gave birth to a girl tomorrow I’d be set.

But I’m not falling for that one again. I’m going to be prepared for both. So the boy’s name search continues. At least I have a solid direction, and an idea of what I’m looking for. I just need to find a combination I love as much as the girl’s version.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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