Fuck you Trump, all your cronies, and FedEx too.

I was having a really really good day until just now. Now I’ve found out that a member of my chosen family has endured 5 years of surgeries, injections, and doctors visits after having had a FedEx truck slam into her vehicle, to be told today by a mediation judge that the best she’ll ever see is $275,000 because of Mr Trumps Windfall law (I tried to look up the part that pertains to settlements, but only kept finding how it affects retirements, but did find several petitions to end it, here’s one).

Here’s a fucking clue, that’s not even enough to cover her medical debt and pay the lawyer, let alone make up for having depended on government assistance for 5 years. Not only will she continue to have medical debt hanging over her head, but she will continue to live in poverty because of today’s verdict. And bonus she’s physically disabled and in chronic pain, so how’s she supposed to get a job? Then factor in deadbeat dad and 2 teens that live with her, but yeah making FedEx pay for their fuck up is a windfall.

I hope you burn, not in hell, now. I hope that our government pulls it’s head out of its ass and roasts you. Put you in prison with the worst offenders and let them ass-rape you. It should be obvious I’m pissed because even if this is repealed tomorrow it doesn’t fix anything for my friend or anyone that’s gone through the same thing since it started.

I want this story to go to every media outlet there is, but here’s the thing: She’s been so traumatized by this process and tearing her to pieces repeatedly that she doesn’t have the strength to talk about any of it any more. That’s the most wrong of all of it. What beasts have we let run or country that it’s OK to shred good human beings to pieces over and over again and then leave them holding the bag for someone else’s fuck up.

That should be you, you fucking asshole, that bought your way into our government. You and all your cronies need raped to pieces and get left holding the bag while standing in the broken ruins of your companies. BECAUSE that is what you are doing to good citizens of this country.

As it is I’d settle for the miracle my friend needs. To know she and her boys could have a home and without worrying about how they’d get food or pay bills. That she might be able to afford her probably never ending pain treatments.

Maybe Anonymous might be able to put their heads together and help come up with something. Or maybe FedEx out of desire to keep their “good name” (laughable) would write the settlement check (outside of legal orders) that they should have 5 years ago. Maybe, but highly doubtful, MrTrump might feel remorse and send his own check. Maybe media will help me pool money for her. Maybe benefactors will collect funds. I don’t know, but there has to be a way that the universe can set this right. Some way, somehow, and my anger as stated in the title has to merely be the launch point to search for the solutions. So I’ll stab some pictures of trumps face for a little bit and then turn my attention to helpful solutions for her.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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