5 months and mobile…

That’s my baby.

I’m doing better, still stressed and worried, but doing my best to ignore my doubts.

It helps that baby Katherine is turning 5 months and a sneeze from both full crawling and walking. She’s already dismounted from our bed a couple of times. Having crawled backwards from the middle to the edge- that’s huge. She is still having trouble with forward motion and balance, but she knows she’s so close that she doesn’t want to give up and sleep at night. She wants to just push until she gets it, and I have to keep reminding her that really, ultimately sleep helps more. She’s so my daughter.

It’s so amazing that my heart swells every time I’m near her, but I have to admit that knowing she’s about 4 months ahead of Ian makes me acknowledge that she’s ultimately going to be an even more challenging handful.

I hope I’m ready.

I also hope I’m ready for life the next couple of months. I know big changes are inbound, but not sure how things are going to play out. All I know is I’m working nearly every waking moment in hopes to be able to pay for everything in the process.

Also, because I updated our budget to reflect inflated prices and costs for a family of 5. It was a bit disheartening, but Nathan says he knows things are getting better. I trust him with my life, so I’m trusting him on this one too.

What I do know is that Nathan is the one love in my life that has done his level best to support me through thick and thin, and though health concerns impeded that, neither of us has given up.

I love you honey. May our 9 years married and 14 together, turn into multiple decades of prosperity.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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