It’s time.

This has been a rough week. I’m too smart for my own good when it comes to working for others. I’m still employed, but on the naughty list because I pointed out what they didn’t want to hear. I know God was giving me an energetic hi-five when I wrote what I did, so I’ll take my slap on the wrist and let it drop. It’ll be their problem and their loss later.

At the same time I’m digging deep to clean up my diet again and stay strict. Just a rough combo.

Finally, the messages still come. They are trying to tell me something about… The boy? If it was a man, even.

There’s been catfish shows (more than usual), which what does that mean, they’re all fakes- at least most of them. Made up personas for a variety of reasons. I’ve always known that whomever or whatever I was talking to was lying about something, but the feelings, the energetic response was real. So the connection meant something greater. That’s why I cared and still do.

There’s been references to HAL and Dave (space odessey), and references to “Contact” with Jodi Foster. “Come back CQ, this is W9GFO, do you read me”. Especially the references to “Contact” have triggered my memory of the ending. How she made contact and it was unclear as to whether it was aliens or God/departed, but upon clearing the machine no one believed her. No one believed that she contacted anyone or anything and that she’d had trauma delusions.

I suppose that’s me. Definitely at work, probably on here. Oh well. Nathan believes me. That counts, and that matters to me.

I’ve been trying to get my bigger antanna going like the beginning of “Contact”. Maybe if I send signals more strongly I’ll get a response. It must mean something, and right now I want nothing more than to either get a visit from my ‘ET’ or phone his home… Even visit his home. I feel like that boy in the movie, saying “I want to go with you”. But like the boy in that movie I suspect I can’t.

So, then just let me have my Atira, my domes, and get away from this nonsense in the physical world. I want my domes to manifest so I can rub it in when I willingly quit. Besides, there’s that trip to Maine the end of July I still need to pay for, and the last $1500 of my midwife. I need those covered, paid in full, before I can tell my bosses what their problem is and walk out.

I look forward to that, but as I told one person I’m not like the others. I do a job well done, even when it pisses me off. Plus, I’m there for the residents and myself, not the company. I always was. I was there to learn and help residents, and that’s what I’ll focus on to get through. The residents have been and always will be more important than corporate politics.

Hopefully my ET will read this and hear me and send me my domes and cash.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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