I want off this 7 day a week hook.

I’m having trouble imagining that, unless one of 2 things happens.

1) I take a position with a much higher salary, most likely management level. … Which, I have to give my current employer credit for at least heading that direction, they are still paying me several dollars an hour less than cost of living for the average American family (currently placed at over $21/hour). But they are paying me more than several of their competitors in the metro. So a step in the right direction, but the reason I’m having to do this 7 days a week nonsense.

2) Nathan somehow either gets his disability to finally go through without another 5 year battle, or otherwise figures out how to bring in nearly 2 Grand a month without any significant expenses to do so, or any further impact to his health like the last attempt.

For option number 3, the wages would not increase, but the hours would be slightly less. My massage therapist is due to retire in 3 months and wants me to take over her clients. I would make what I’m currently making and still likely work all 7 days, but 5 of the days would be 6 hours or less start to finish, instead of 8 or 9 hours. I have to say- not having any other options present in front of me, I’m considering taking it.

My hiccup is that I still want to progress toward Atria. I’m not sure option 3 would really help with that. My current position has gone miles for giving me valuable information about making Atira happen.

For instance I’ve learned that a vast amount of my employers budget goes to utilities and maintenance. Partly due to short sightedness in original construction, cutting costs where they could; but also partly by putting in obsolete HVAC units, so now that they are failing, each one that goes down is a major costly upgrade. Additionally, partly due to using inefficient lighting and making other poor choices, such as putting 4 air vents in the high ceiling open space, but a dozen in the lower ceiling area. Putting a massive wall of Windows and door on the large gathering space, but not spending the extra money to ensure they were as high efficiency as possible. At the time the building was constructed solar panels were much more costly, but the millions they would have saved over the years would have been worth it.

I’ve learned similar things about salon spaces sharing thermostats with adjoining rooms, flat roof problems (which never was really an issue choosing dome construction), and on down the line to seemingly insignificant choices like what kinds of wine to buy for happy hour.

I have learned more in 7 months at this position than my employer acknowledges. All while mastering a role that they intentionally set-up for failure. Nathan has pointed out that if I keep this up, I’m likely going to get a talking to about needing to dial it back to quit making them look bad. If only the home office could see that, I’d likely get that salaried position and the lesser hours I need.

And this is where I put my faith in God and miracles first. May my negative thoughts be insignificant enough that my positive ones attract what I need and take another step in the right direction. Because I do want more time with my family and more time to take care of myself, while still being the support they need.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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