Almost, but not quite.

This is what I looked like today:

More what I felt like is a combination of this:

And this: Stewy gif link

I almost finished all my clients today. Almost.

In the room of the resident above, there was a birthday card with 9 candles on a cake that read “make a wish”. My brain, despite the extreme fatigue calculated that I’m 9 months away from my birthday. The resident gave me a $5 tip, highly unusual and highly unexpected and told me to not work so hard.

So, after tears and a moment, I’m taking time to write again before heading home.

This time I’ll write my wish.

I’m going to have to stay broad as Abraham has stressed many times that when you’re vibration is low going broader is better.

I wish for feeling rested and having plenty of financial support.

I wish for feeling energy and having normal blood sugars.

I wish for feeling generally happy and a constant sense of knowing I’m safe.

I wish for my body to feel good and have a calm immune system, and be able to enjoy food. I wish for my body to find a healthy stable balance.

I wish for a comfortable, low cost, low maintenance, easy to clean, energy efficient (dome) home- to call mine; with a pretty yard and a greenhouse would be a wonderful bonus.

I wish that home had space for a studio and massage office (which here requires a separate entrance and additional restroom).

I wish all things in general were easier.

I wish for more me time and more family time and still being able to meet my obligations.

I wish for feeling less stressed and feeling the love I know is already there for me.

I wish for being able to tell when my vibration has dipped from picking up on others and when it has dipped from my own sloppy thinking… and for being able to catch it more quickly regardless.

I wish for ‘both’ solutions/answers, and happy-mediums, and improvement.

I wish for moving on happily regardless of anyone’s reciprocity.

I wish for allowing the Health, well-being and contentment that I believe is available to me.

I wish to be able to relax regardless of the activity I’m participating in.

…. There’s more, but tired just won.

Be well, find your rest and broader wishes.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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