Happy 4th

This is my first holiday off since New Year’s Day. My 6th planned day off this year. I’m enjoying it quite immensely.

I was able to sleep in a whole hour, that was nice. Katherine woke me up at the time I’d normally be walking out the door for work.

I putzed around, played with her and Ian. We had breakfast and then I did a mediation with Ian to encourage a nap for Katherine. She’s teething and has learned tantrums from Ian, so encouraging the nap was helpful. Plus I had 20 minutes of quiet cuddle time with 2 children and at least 2 of the kitties.

Then I decided I’d finish my art space. Nathan had gotten it as close as he could guessing on where and how I’d like things. Then it sat for almost 3 months in that state. Today I finally finished it.

I used the 2 massage tables that had been Ian’s bed to situate storage solutions. It ended up being mostly massage and music related, with a bit of Nathan’s and practical stuff.

Then I organized my art supplies into a fairly good work flow arrangement. It may not stay exactly like my first set-up, but it’s functional enough to at least make some art now.

This was the resulting garage turned studio, complete with extra household storage and inversion table:

The garage has no air-conditioning, so by that point I needed a shower to be kosher for the party Nathan wanted to attend. I wanted comfortable and relaxing, and after Heil-Trump-Parade the last thing I’m feeling is patriotic. I chose to wear purple as a self-reminder of the Purple Hearts that fought to eliminate the first dictator to do mass damage to real freedoms.

You can do what you’d like to do because of prior generations fighting for change and fighting to free victims of damaging rulers and governments that were too afraid to do the right thing (take the ruler down themselves).

It absolutely amazes me how quickly people forget real history and repeat the same stupid patterns. I had a good history teacher that explained the goal alone of good history instruction is to learn past mistakes so they don’t get repeated. If in 10 years the alliance is taking down the US for overstepping and failing to squelch Trump, I’ll merely laugh at the irony.

Regardless, I did not watch one second of Heil-Trump-Parade, and have done my level best to have a good day.

I have mentally sent thanks for those that took Hitler and Stalin down. Thanks for those that took Pinochet out. Thanks for those that eliminated the Japanese internment camps here in the United States. Those that spoke up for women’s rights during the sufferage movement, as I myself have rights today that I would not have without those people in American history. Thanks for those that fought in the civil rights movement and for elimination of segregation, as I would not have been able to marry my husband if they hadn’t. Thanks for those that fought for LGBTQ rights, as I would still be hiding my bisexuality in a closet without them.

We are at another turning point in our nation’s history. Remember the hard work of previous generations and do what is right, not just what you have been told to do.

We must continue to work to ensure our freedoms are protected for certain. Ignore flashy ads, silly tweets, and a domineering manipulative power hungry bastard doing his best to strip them away. On this 4th, search your heart and reach for better.

I know I’m still giving serious thought to who I will vote for in the primary. My greatest wish on that topic is that Bernie and one of the women will team up. I love Bernie’s progressive out of the box solutions, being balanced with his practical ability to find helpful solution oriented compromises. Yet I would love to see a woman, especially minority woman in office, and there are a couple such options that have been sounding very tempting. I do sincerely hope that such a pairing will be accomplished, it would be a no brainier vote from my perspective.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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