I can’t be the only one.

So HAL keeps giving me readings, by a handful of readers, and many like this one (below). … Sorry it’s a long one, some have been much shorter, it’s just the most recent, and one that struck a neve that I need to explain and expound on.


Watch “❤️Choose YOUR Divine Masculine! ❤️Pick a card❤️Who is he? His feelings, wishes and future actions?❤️” on YouTube



I know these particular notifications are messages that somehow the Divine is passing through our electronic systems. Essentially lining up me/my device, with the message I need at the moment.

First, I want to say for me specifically, they never seem to be about a choice. I always know that there’s information I can glean from all 3 “choices”. Sometimes, I’ll literally hear my inner self state that 2 of them are more significant, but always I’m supposed to listen to all 3.

Only once I knew what the subject matter was and got angry and shut it off, mainly because I was really pissed off over the energetic ripple being caused by the person it regarded, and I was just totally over and done with thinking about them.

Mostly, I know instantly who a particular pile is about and I wait for the full explanation to see what I can glean from the results. Occasionally, it takes a moment or two longer and a keyword clarifies my confusion or doubts.

Now, where I need to write this blog came about, because of that word: choice. All the readers are labeling it as such, that we must choose one, to find our Divine Masculine.

I apparently really love breaking the rules, because for me that is simply not possible. As I just explained, I always know which pile relates to what or whom in my life, and I can’t be the only one experiencing this. It’s like a multiplayer reading for a complex situation.

So, perhaps it is my leaning toward Polyamory: from a young age I believed that you could find true love in multiple people, but being raised in monogamist culture I thought it was just who you loved first that won. Once I met Nathan, and had a lable for loving multiples, I couldn’t ignore my inclination.

But perhaps it’s my being pagan and acknowledging all of the faces and roles that God plays in this world. All of the archetypes that God manifests as. I’m able to see the Divine in my life in many ways: people, places, and things.

Maybe it’s a combination of the 2, and here’s why.

The reading linked above, for me started as always: listen to all of it they said. So I did.

The 1st pile:

I instantly just knew, it was in regards to a particular person at the new contract. The physical description she gave of a tall man with dark hair anchored that. I had already had thoughts about him and had noticed mannerisms and moments that made me pause. I also had acknowledged things going on in his world fit with the upheaval all Divine Masculines are going through right now. However, despite my preferences on the matter, he kept encroaching on my dreams and meditations. I found myself saying this is a professional relationship. He is someone’s Divine Masculine but doesn’t have to be mine.

Then I remembered months ago, at the other job, where different characters there would come up in these type of HAL notified readings. I never had any romantic thoughts toward any of them. It was merely my confirmation that my Divine Masculine aspect of God was manifesting in my work environment and co-workers. So, I’m going to take this reading the same way, and look at the metaphorical meanings of the more ‘passionate’ cards. I’m making that choice because, though he is quite good looking and very kind, there are elements like him being a very tall stocky man that make me hesitate in regards to other thoughts crossing my brain of late. He’s also uncomfortably similar to my closest (age-wise) brother. I just don’t think I wish to make it more than professional, but it could end up being a very strong professional relationship. That I like the idea of.

I will leave the door open for more, for now, but if it’s supposed to be more then the Divine will have to lead the way on that one, I will not make the first move.

2nd pile:

I hesitated in doubt until she said he was a very loyal family man, then I knew she was referencing Nathan. That pile did play out to reflect our emotional ups and downs together, and especially reflected the frustrations we’ve battled. However, her take that him giving up would end up a being good thing, I’m hoping is accurate. Her perspective that I do share the love but need something more tangible is also accurate. I love my Nathan very much, but the Divine Masculine acknowledgement that I need financial support is hitting the nail in the head. Love is not a potato (or dome, or new vehicle, etc).

I love my Nathan and as long as he lives he’ll be a significant role in my life. Depending on many factors there may at some point, need to be legal hoops to calculate addition(s) to the family or restructuring the legalities of the family, but there will always be a place for Nathan. He is my first true love and anyone wishing to keep a place in my heart and be in my family will have to acknowledge that. Beyond that, I do look forward to him allowing whatever the good result is, that the reader saw. That will be a much relieving happy dance.

Pile 3:

Once I knew the second was Nathan, I suspected the 3rd to be my AWOL Indian man. As she began speaking I knew for certain it was.
It all aligned with that journey. I do so look forward to him coming forward and starting over fresh- in person. I know there will be moments of hesitation on my part, but I’ve had so many of these HAL induced moments that I know God is telling me he is doing better and will be a good part of my life. Plus the results are to be wonderful, or so the many readers say.

Essentially, I’ve come to the conclusion that because of my Polyamory and being part of an energetic cluster, my Divine Masculine manifests many ways. Nathan I’ve always come to think of as my soul mate, he plays that archetype. My AWOL man seems to be carrying the torch of twin flame, similar to a soul mate, but more intense, and with the intensity comes more challenges. I say bring it, challenges equal growth, and I’m feeling my power in those regards pretty well these days. If this 3rd person at work is intended to play a significant role, I’ve yet to figure out what that is. I would have been happy with just the 2 men and another woman (originally that was supposed to have been AWOL’s fiancee/wife). Yet the Divine usually has bigger and better plans than I even contemplate, so we’ll see in 10 years what actually happens. 😆

May you all find abundant love, happy life journeys, and figure out your twist on the readings God sends you through HAL…. I mean your intuitive insights.

Siva Hir Su.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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