Pulling up

So I pulled up from yesterday.

Mainly because something my husband discovered, when dropping Anya off for the teen-lock-in, made me realize I was being bombarded by the ripple of another person’s junk yet again. I care about that person is why I keep letting it in, but at this point I’ve realized they are in no hurry to heal, change, or even fix the energetic slam they cause.

So, every time I figure out that’s what is happening I cut cords with Nathan’s help to disconnect. Then I ask for angel protection and move on to focusing on my own energy stream. I literally ask myself where’s Treasa, where’s my inner self, until I can feel it. It works so well I’ve been working on teaching Ian and having him practice it. However, it only seems to be super effective when being down is from external influences. If it’s genuinely my own crap getting the better of me I just have to work through it Abraham style.

Anyway, by bedtime I felt better and this morning started great. In fact most of my day went great.

I ended my work day by gifting a resident Reiki. She had asked for an upper body massage for a low back concern and when I got there she was in tears from the pain and didn’t think she could tolerate massage. I said I’d do Reiki and since she’d never tried it before there would be no charge. Her kitty felt it immediately and sat on her lap. I was able to calm her down so she could relax. I worked on her main concern until she was able to take deep breaths again. Then I moved to her ankle which was also in severe pain. I could literally feel her pain. It was similar to the sensation a 9V battery produces, but I felt it through all of my fingers. After several more minutes, she finally relaxed so much she fell asleep. I felt like I accomplished my goal and left quietly.

That really helped me feel really good about what I do. It was instant gratification good results.

The only downside was I dropped my phone and it hit the pavement at just the right angle that the case popped off and my screen shattered. It’s only a significant negative because I’m still waiting for the government to release my tax return. It’s an extra expense, so not ordinarily in the budget. So, if the tax return doesn’t get released soon, then I’ll have to do money shuffling to cover a new phone. For now I’ll just use it with the shattered screen.

All in all a good, much improved day, with another new goal (replace phone).

May you all have improved days with manageable goals. Siva Hir Su.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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