Had Shortie

Sorry, bad play on words, I was thinking of “Get Shorty” which I remember being a movie title. Anyway, I was jumbling my thoughts of yesterday with wanting to write a short post… That’s how I ended up with that title.

So, I want to write, but I also know I need to take a self-care day. I’m struggling to stay bouyant because I’m feeling the burning in my chest of the people I’ve felt for the last 4 years. I heard them apologising and it brought me to tears.

I know one of the things I must do today is refocus on my list of traits I’d asked for. If the Divine is really going to try and find replacements, then I must do my best to stay focused on that.

Problem is, like most adults, several of my traits I’ve asked for in people involve sexuality and related, and I generally don’t write about that in detail on here. The other problem is that in thinking of what I want I inevitably think of the people that caused those fine tuning moments, and I now have at least 3 or 4 of those people that I really wished had worked out. I miss those people and still care, but it didn’t work and that did provide fine tuning. I must do my best to only focus on what I liked and the additional fine tuning, and ignore or glaze over the missing them and broken heartedness. That’s going to be really tough today, especially after the message induced grief that began yesterday.

So I’ll write my traits on paper today at some point.

Wish me luck and send me love, I could really use it today.

Be well everyone, may you have gentle fine tuning moments and feel the love.

Siva Hir Su

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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