Still waiting…

For the house and SJ and futile dreams.

We didn’t get to close today, but supposedly will in 3 business days. I had taken today, tomorrow and Saturday off, so I told the clinic to open Friday-Saturday back up, and they’re partially filled already.

Since today was a wash, I spent the day cuddling with little kids who had caught the cold I had. I’m pretty sure I figured out who I caught it from and it annoys me because I hardly associate with that person. So how the heck did I get their germs? The glory of small enclosed spaces, and it repeated with my family. Yea.

Anyway, there was much cuddling and napping. At several points I had both of my little kids and several cats on my lap at the same time. We watched marathons of quiet kids shows: Puffin Rock, Masha and the Bear, PocoYo, and Mighty Little Bheem. That filled our day in tolerable enjoyment.

Ian had the toughest go with a super sore throat and having spiked the most significant fevers. He didn’t want to eat or drink anything and getting him to take Children’s Tylenol for the fever was painful. We babied him a lot, and coaxed as many vitamin laced fluids as possible. Katherine was a trooper and voluntarily choose to sleep twice with very little cranky in between.

Nathan had made soft veggie soup, which I ate more of than anyone, I found the warmth to be very comforting and helpful. Ian fussed through a tiny serving and we gave up trying to get him to eat more.

Anya treated us to gluten free vegan cookies and she made some macaroons for me. I was super appreciative.

It wasn’t the holiday I had hoped to have after moving into the new house, and if that’s going to happen at this point I’ll have to make up a day to take off and celebrate very late. So for now, I’ll assume there won’t be a holiday and I’ll relish today for getting as close as possible this year.

I did however get rest, relaxation, cuddles, and T friendly carbs. One day I’ll live up to family traditions and figure out how to celebrate holidays properly for all present.

For now I’ll ignore that I didn’t pack anything today and cross my fingers that I can compensate for extra days off. Still doing my darndest to focus on more positive elements of daily life, obviously a bit of reaching is happening in that process, but I’m determined to stay afloat.

May you have joyous holiday celebrations with those you love. May you have things go as planned more often than not. May you enjoy cuddles and optimum health at the same time. May you feel loved and supported, especially by the divine. May you understand timing when things don’t go as planned. May you see desires manifest more easily.

Siva Hir Su

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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