Character on the stage of life.

We all exhibit all of the above and more, because being human is complex in and of itself. As far as the 7 ages, I’m not sure how Shakespeare delineated the ages, nor where I really stand. However, I know that all my aspects, all of my character are important.

All of everything and everyone is important to this universe and God. If we didn’t have mistakes or bad moments there would be no desire to reach for better. My failures are another person’s wins. Regardless of how we may feel about extremes, especially in negative connotations, even those are necessary vital roles which keep the universe in motion.

Our character is what makes us interesting to one another, and often strikes our own desires for change or improvement. My own personal goal is to find the balance where my negatives are outweighed by my positives enough to generally like and accept myself wholly and completely. Most days I’m there, some days I’m not. That’s what continues to propell me onward.

This week has been difficult for me in dealing with the energetic world, but I have still taken time to appreciate myself and my improvement. I told Nathan the hardest part has been dealing with heaviness of others, while the dreary weather drug on, and then not having anything in my experience to validate myself. There is no one, in media, newspapers, magazines, even online advertising, that looks like me or acts like me. I have nothing to help give myself a pat on the back or kudos, and standards of beauty leave me, like many, feeling ugly and ashamed. So it has taken extra effort this week, a lot of extra effort, to be kind to myself. I know that there are people that find me attractive even though it goes unsaid. Nathan is my beacon, reminding me of my strengths and the beauty he sees in me. I am forever grateful for him in my life.

So yes, I am a character full of all of the aspects of life in this world, one that loves deeply and will swim my best to ensure my whole family will stay afloat. I’m honored that my super intelligent brother found awe in my efforts, and very appreciative that he expressed it to me. It’s those moments alongside the love Nathan and my kids give me that keep me going. I hope one day to find the self that I too am wholeheartedly proud of.

Regardless, I will keep reaching for the part of me that none of these labels or descriptions fit. I will keep reaching for my higher-self, my spirit, my inner being that is truly boundless, as that is where all of my goodness lies.

May you find pride in your own efforts. May you see the parts of you that are special to others. May you have a fuller understanding of even your negatives. May you appreciate all aspects of yourself and your character. May you see all the parts of your character as necessary and vital. May you know that your character on this world stage is secondary to your inner-being, your higher-self. May you find and maintain a connection to your higher-self as often as possible. May you generally appreciate yourself and your life. May you find the light of God and love around you when you need it most.

Siva Hir Su

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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