Happy mother’s day… Even Mr. Moms’

It’s for all the screaming you survived.

It’s for all the tantrums you calmed.

It’s for the broken windows and plugged toilets fixed.

It’s for the late nights and all-nighters soothing infant needs.

It’s for feeding your baby even though cracked nipples scream in agony.

It’s for finding the best, healthiest way to replace your dried up breats when your baby cries in gut wrenching hunger; and then taking the time to mix a complicated convoluted concoction (not from a can) aimed at mimicking the the blessed bounty they were supposed to have produced.

It’s for winning when post partum was determined to make you loose.

It’s for working so damn hard to ensure your baby really had the best available options both in pregnancy and birth and everything following.

It’s for sticking up for your inner by knowing what you were being told went so strongly against what your inner being knew that it was simply not okay to listen.

It’s for taking the time you need to love yourself so the whole mess can continue until they are grown.

Yet, It’s for all the things done while exhausted, semi-exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, or just plain “DONE”, because they simply had to be done- and now!

It’s for cleaning the floors 20 times a day because children trash the house faster than it can be cleaned.

It’s for replacing broken toys even though you swore at them you wouldn’t.

It’s for being proud of your baby, while still scared shitless, because they just climbed out of the crib,or over the baby gate, or scaled way too tall furniture.

It’s for teaching them the reason to desired to learn more, for teaching them why they want to talk or learn to read or write.

It’s for clothing your baby when they would rather have toys, and doing your best to ensure next time they can have both.

It’s for fielding scary dreams and straight up night terrors.

It’s for doing all the errands, running hundreds of places, filling schedules, to ensure kids don’t just get the needs, they get the wants and the friends and the fun things to do too.

It’s for making 12 meals per day for each kid because half end up on the floor and another quarter of them rejected.

It’s for teaching them how to navigate new technology to turn around and educate them on hazards and how to avoid all the scary things that could happen with it.

It’s for listening to the same question 8 times, quickly followed by another and another and another all on repeat.

It’s for navigating all of the picky stubborn choices of toddlers, on top of the fact that multiple can never agree on anything.

It’s for in and out, in and out, in and out, were you born in a barn!

It’s for soggy diapers and pee on the floor.

It’s for poo finger prints and toilet paper wads.

It’s for arguments and bickering.

It’s for scraped knees and bruised egos.

It’s for teaching them all the wrong words.


It’s also for playing quietly.

It’s for smiles and giggles.

It’s for snuggles and hugs.

It’s for being there for firsts.

It’s for teaching them how to be human.

It’s for love, unconditional and strong.

It’s for story time and bedtime rituals.

It’s for playing castle.

It’s for teaching kindness and gentleness with kittens and dogs.

It’s for bedtime meditations.

It’s for explaining how to listen to inner being and find calm.

It’s for birthday and holiday gifts, but more for seeing and loving their responses to them.

It’s for seeing the tiny deliberate creator and doing your best to show them how to get what they want the best way.

It’s for being there for your spouse, when you’ve been there for all this.

It’s for building and maintaining the bonds of love that keep it all together and keep it from fraying at the edges.

It’s for giving your all every day, even when you don’t feel up to it.

Anyone that births a child is super human, and those that suffer through the aftermath and still keep the love are Gods and Goddesses.

May you know your divinity and your strengths. May you know you have done well. May you see your gifts and relish your bountiful babes. May you love with all your heart and know all of the good you have done. May you know God loves you just the way you are. May you know that life was created and will continue because of your efforts. May you know your presence in this world is priceless and invaluable to the human race, the world, and God. May you know you are loved.

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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