The Current State of the State of Us…

A posting from Nathan.

It feels like the all of planet earth is on fire. And you may be feeling wholly unprepared standing there in your underwear holding a half full (not half empty) glass of water to battle the blaze. You are more prepared than you think you are. You may also be feeling alone, you’re not… or like no one else cares, they do… It may feel like the end of the world, it’s not… quite the opposite actually. Reach out, send a message… send a prayer… make a phone call… write a blog post… we have each other…but some of us don’t know that… some of us need to be told, or to be asked… some of us even feel unworthy of that connection… let the collective have your back and be in your world… really, it’s not too late… just reach out. Be fearless. It’ll be like a giant slumber party more than 7 billion strong.

Photo by Nathan

1 thought on “The Current State of the State of Us…

  1. The photo was taken north of Bethany, MO at about 4am sometime in 2017. I was passenger while we did our route that night, and we followed the flames for miles. It was a semi truck that had mechanical trouble and burst into flames shortly after the driver had parked it at the mechanic’s shop. It was a spectacular blaze and amazing to watch the fire fighters quickly put it out (after a couple of small explosions we figured were gas tanks). Regardless of how spectacular that fire seemed, it pales in comparison to wildfires currently blazing. Our hearts are with those affected in catastrophic ways.


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