Just needed a small adjustment.

You may have noticed, with all the chaos in my experience, and the lesson from God on the correct usage of my given phrase Siva Hir Su, caused me to start using Om Shanti.

I knew it could help and had started using it frequently. It means “all that is, be peace”, or that’s my known meaning in my words. Om represents the entire known universe, down to the nano particles of an atom. Shanti is peace. Put them together and all that is becomes peace.

I’ve ‘known’ it for a long time, back to a book on buddhism I read in 7th grade. Much of the book was beyond my comprehension at that age, but that concept was one that stuck well.

It has been my go to mantra as long as I can remember having an awareness of them.

Tonight I decided to YouTube up a recording of it to help focus for my meditation. After like 5 tries, I found this one:

It was exactly what I needed.

It was the perfect spacing, tonality, and resonance for me. I was able to sing/tone along, and could feel the binaural cycle in the tones.

It was much like when I used to tune in band, you wait for the tones to get close enough that the harmonics create the binaural wave pattern, and then you fine tune until the wave pattern slows down. The slower it is, the closer you are to being in tune with each other. My ears hear the pattern, but because I primarily played flute I feel it in the upper palette of my mouth too. Singing duplicates that sensation.

So I toned along and got close enough that I could count 7 or less cycles in the second om of the videos’ pattern.

Once I was in that range it was like it resonated me right back to alignment. The slow binaural beat was able to travel through my whole body and it broke up tension and aches and relaxed me into soothing peacefulness. It even seems to have helped my biological processes because my body temperature is holding steady again, after having spent an hour shivering from fatigue.

It was my internal universe becoming peace.

I followed along to the entirety of the video and now my entire home is peaceful and quiet again.

My universe inside and out just gained a whole lotta peace. It is nice.

Please give it a try our world needs more peace. And if this particular video doesn’t resonate for you, there’s many you can try with the same mantra.

May your inner and outer world be peaceful. May you find your best fit for resonance. May you feel better and find a way to lift chaos in your experience. May you know that God loves and supports you.

Om Shanti

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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