I should be doing something else right now, but I had a thought occur to me AGAIN and needed to put it elsewhere.

If vaccines are intended to keep the recipient from getting sick by triggering immune function to react to that which is put in the vaccine. That is a purely internal process, and affects none other than whom was injected.

Then why are those that took the vaccine so upset about anyone that hasn’t?

If you believe the vaccine will save your ass, and you didn’t have any reaction to it (that you are aware of).

Then why are you upset that someone else chose not to vaccinate because of any reason?

You are not them.

You are not in their body. You do not know their history, their awareness, their perspective, their beliefs, their anything. You can not make that decision or judgement for them, especially when hard data reluctantly admits not everyone walks away unscathed. Regardless of the fact that the numbers are low, there is still a risk.

If someone has proof they caught covid, or highly suspects they had it (like my family before testing was available- because of severity and symptoms and aftermath), then they are not going to benefit from the vaccine in any way. Covid itself is the disease, if your body faught it off, it doesn’t need an injection to tell it how to do that again, it was successful once it will likely be successful again (and just like vaccine risks, there are exceptions where someone lost the battle on second or third round of Covid). Plus, you may or may not have antibodies long-term, and that is true for both vaccinated and contractĂ©es. I just had a client that was vaccinated and she’s opting for antibody testing before taking the booster because of that simple fact. She simply wants to inform herself before she makes a decision on the booster injection. I respect that.

This is just me releasing.

I still believe in choice and I still believe in freedom.

Simply put everything in life has a risk, and we all deserve to weigh the pros and cons of our own life to choose which risk we are more likely able to handle.

I know I’ve survived Covid once for certain even without a paper to prove it. I suspect Nathan and I also survived the Delta variant even without positive test to prove it. We all danced with death the first time, and Nathan danced with death the second time.

We survived and Western medicine failed on treating symptoms during, and failed again on post-illness return-to-health support. There were no options, no testing, and officials were denying it was even here yet on first round, they did not save us from anything. Second round they were admitting Delta was present, but were slow to respond effectively, assuming all vaccinated people would be spared, they simply wanted everyone to get the vaccine. Yet, even vaccinated people are getting the Delta variant.

Why should I as an educated individual, aware of the risks, take any further risk beyond what I was already exposed to, and survived?

Delta was mild for me, I don’t need any further complications to my life, and being that vaccinating is not a guarantee to avoid catching Covid or its variants, I don’t see a reason to take that risk.

Yes, Nathan could catch it again, and because he’s already in kidney failure he could struggle again, but he could catch any one of a thousand diseases and struggle again. Literally anything could knock him down badly. But you’ll never hear a doctor tell him to vaccinate for everything either, because they know too many vaccines at once is just as risky as catching a disease in his state. Too many vaccines could overwhelm his kidneys and kill him. With his weakened immune system he is better of in self-quarantine indefinitely and he already knows that.I am not stopping him from getting any vaccine. He knows his risks from all angles.

And here’s the deal, anyone like Nathan knows that. If you are an adult with a weakened immune system for any reason, you are instructed by medical professionals on how to reduce your risks on a daily basis, because they know Covid is not the only risk to someone in that state. They know that for some people vaccines will not help and might cause more harm. They know that certain treatments counter-indicate use of vaccines. They know that not everyone can rely on vaccines. And when it is a child the parents are instructed on how to reduce risks for the already ill child. It just is.

So if vaccines are not the infallible perfect protector for every human, that we all hoped for, then isn’t it time we have options?

I choose freedom. I choose choices for myself and others. I choose better options. I choose to wait for safer options for before, during and after illness.

I choose to accept that I am taking a risk of catching Covid again knowing my body won already and that I am equally likely to survive a reinfection as someone that chose vaccination. With the current state of things I am no more a risk than someone that has chosen to accept the vaccine. Any of us could still catch the variants, and any of us are just as likely to survive. Yet, I escape the additional risks of taking the vaccine itself. That is the closest I will get to a win-win, and I know that.

In business they refer to that sort of risk management as cutting your losses. I do it with my business as much as I do it with myself. It is my right. My basic human rights, to weigh risks and decide for myself accordingly.

We all deserve that. We all deserve our own rights, and I honor that with my own family.

Nathan is educated and understands he is at a higher risk, but with all things, so he is choosing not to.

My teen wants to vaccinate so she is justifying her case enough to make a proper decision. She will then sign a legal contract that to assume the costs and requirements of any and all incurred risks of her decision. It was my way of eliminating my own risks in letting her make the decision, because the risks I would incur were they only reason I was hesitant to let her decide.

The two littles don’t even care yet, and being that they also survived Covid, and rarely even leave our home, I’ve chosen not to do anything for them for now. Anything expect bolster their immune system and build their health in every way I know how. I’m not stupid, they need to be healthy to survive this world and it’s myriad of diseases, and I’m doing to do my best to point them in the right direction for survival. Sometimes they hate me for it because I make them eat vegetables and they take vitamins, more than the average Joe, but they are the healthiest members of the family and I’m going to do everything in my power to keep it that way.

May you see your choices in the least resistance sort of way. May you acknowledge that all humans deserve to have their own choices. May you understand that vaccination really truly only helps the one person that actually takes the injection and that anyone with significant weakness is likely to be faced with a myriad of risks. May you see how to support those around you and humanity as a whole in freedom and health. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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