Revised: Introduction

Below is the original from my other site. I would add: Fresh starts are only possible once you fully accept yourself as loved and whole as that which you are. I’m not sure if I am there, but I feel like I am much closer than I was. That being said the rest of this still applies, but I updated the time facts to current.

This is a new blog for me to have the closest thing to a fresh start that the internet allows. If you go digging, I’m sure you’d figure out who I am, or you could just read this with the fresh eyes I’m attempting to give myself.

I’ve never been famous, so I am just doing my level best to distance myself from some failed manifestations and related energetic backlash. I wish for a clean slate, but that is not entirely possible in our current world. I can merely start anew and be as authentic as I always aimed for, but with a new fresh page to write from.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you thought it would, or the way you wanted it to. That’s no reason to give up. 2020 has been challenging for me, as for many, but it’s actually not been as bad as some points of my life. For that I am entirely grateful.

TresCat stems from the fact that at one point my husband and I had 3 kitties. We’ve lost some and gained others, so right now we have 4.

It also used to be a screen name for me years ago when Yahoo was the go-to and MySpace was entirely new and different. It was before many of my past challenges, and because part of me wishes to regain innocence of my youth, I decided to revive my old screen name.

The simplicity and calm of 3 cats is fitting for my goals here.

I have written for over 20 years, but the majority of my writing was for academic papers. Only the last 7+ years have I written for my own reasons in a consistent manner.

I write about my life, every aspect. Goals, hopes, dreams, relationships, work, car troubles, kids, pets, holidays, fact and fiction and spirituality. You name it, I’ve probably written something about it.

I’m a bit unconventional at times, I sometimes pick controversial topics, I tend to be opinionated, and sometimes over the top emotionally. Yet I am Always me. I do my best to reach for better, but life sometimes gives me rotten eggs I must vomit up before I can move on. I try to live my life honestly and I’ve discovered that not only does that make me unique, it can also create enemies, and often makes others uneasy. I wish our world was better at honesty.

Anyway, you’ll get to know me better over time, and I hope that reading my writings gives you some nugget to help your world be easier to digest.

May you have good reads and inspiration to keep trying.



About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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