I’d rather (2)

  • I’d rather be rich, than poor. They both have challenges and problems to work through, but the rich have more doors to choose from and more tools to deal with problems they face.
  • I’d rather be happy, than sad. Happy chemistry helps your body and your mind, and enables easier healing.
  • I’d rather have my dome home of my dreams, than my current conventional home. The dome was bigger in my dreams, but really the reason I prefer it, is because it’s more unique- like me.
  • I’d rather have electric vehicles, than liquid fuel vehicles. With gas at $3 a gallon again, it just seems smarter and more efficient. In lieu of that, I’d rather have ethanol/E85, than traditional gas, especially since our van is compatible.
  • I’d rather have wind and solar power for my house, than conventional electricity. Again, with everything I’ve l learned and seen, it just seems smarter. And it’d make my EVs clean energy as well.
  • I’d rather be rewarded for being myself, than have more lessons to learn or challenges to overcome.
  • I’d rather have good things coming my way, then more problems to solve.
  • I’d rather be able to block energetic influences and only receive my inner me, than have all the current channels flowing to me.
  • I’d rather heal fully, than keep fighting anything (internal or external).
  • I’d rather live a healthy full long life, than die young from disease.
  • I’d rather have fun and enjoy life, than keep participating in what the collective is creating.
  • I’d rather see the grand canyon, than my office.
  • I’d rather see Yosemite, than visit relatives (mine or Nathan’s).
  • I’d rather have a birthday on a warm sunny beach, than the typical snowy cold one.
  • I’d rather see the world freely and easily, than deal with fraidy cat corporations (or governments) making complicated unhelpful rules.
  • I’d rather see the world, than be trapped or tied-down anywhere.
  • I’d rather be single &/or alone, than have someone who thinks they know what’s best for me.
  • I’d rather have my kids with me, than be alive and separate from them.
  • I’d rather have loving and living-healthy partner(s), than be alone.
  • I’d rather have support in every way, than just feel energetically supported by the divine.
  • I’d rather have pets and family and travel and fun and enjoyment in all of the best ways-easy least good times generally speaking, than the stress snowball referenced a couple posts ago.
  • I’d rather have normal levels of masculine and feminine in balance always.
  • I’d rather have healed and succeeded.
  • I’d rather have been acknowledged and heard.
  • I’d rather be listened to, enough to count.
  • I’d rather be respected and honored.
  • I’d rather be flexible and strong.
  • I’d rather have all of my BOTHs.
  • I’d rather have warm sunny climates. Even tempered, limited extremes.
  • I’d rather have safe and secure.
  • I’d rather have calm and serene.
  • I’d rather have elevating and higher vibrating.
  • I’d rather feel good.
  • I’d rather see my kids, and family, feeling good.
  • I’d rather have miracles.
  • I’d rather have the good parts.
  • I’d rather live a whole long life filled with the “happy end of fairy tales”.
  • I’d rather have more than less.
  • I’d rather have vacations.
  • I’d rather see more of the world.
  • I’d rather know that my words matter, that I matter, that I am here for reasons evident to many.
  • I’d rather be treated as a goddess by the divine, on a daily basis.
  • I’d rather my body show my efforts, because I deserve to be believed.
  • I’d rather be free of the game of my childhood and all those involved.
  • I’d rather know that my manifestations are solely mine and influenced by none.
  • I’d rather have beautiful gardens and greenhouse growing year round.
  • I’d rather have people to help with things I’m willing to relinquish responsibility for.
  • I’d rather be listened to and acknowledged.
  • I’d rather have people interested in fulfilling my desires.
  • I’d rather have a peaceful world.
  • I’d rather have a beautiful world where natural beauty is protected.
  • I’d rather support momma Gaea with my life than anyone else.
  • I’d rather care for myself than anyone else, but I’m willing to do both if the divine supports it and makes everything fit easily.

May you find your way up the vibrational scale. May you find your way around troubling moments in your reality. May you see everything is temporary and you don’t have to take direct responsibility for anything anymore. May you see where your responsibility truly lies. May you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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