Thoughts and words have power.

  • What if no one ever doubted me. Ever. Back to infancy.
  • What if everyone knew all along my gifts.
  • What if everyone had always supported me fully.
  • What if everyone had always had positive, best feeling thoughts about me, instead of worries and woes and negatives.
  • What if people knew I was a genius from birth.
  • What if people had always acknowledged my intelligence and fortitude.
  • What if people had always wanted to give to me.
  • What if I grew up being respected and honored as a divine feminine, in every way imaginable.
  • What if God had ensured all of that and more.

I told Nathan this morning. What if everyone we knew, that even knew a shred of what was going on in our lives, had the following 2 thoughts? They deserve to hit the jackpot big and Nathan deserves a new kidney faster than projected. What if they actually held positive blessings, thoughts for us, today, all of them for a good long while?

I’ve spent over a decade putting up with social security disability battles to get nothing. I’ve spent 16 years with family doubting Nathan from the very beginning, and in every possible way, when he felt like my fairy tale prince. I’ve heard every negative on every subject imaginable, and every time I’ve ever suggested something going my way it had been immediately shot down. My entire life.

God was supposed to support and protect. Where was any of that ever? My whole life.

Eff you God.

You lied, over and over again, my entire life.

You never supported me ever. Goddesses such as my mom and Nathan’s mom, did- when and how they could, but even that was minimal and sporadic at best.

God is a lazy bastard that promised lies and never followed through. 38 years complete, and no proof to the contrary.

If God thinks he did right by me, he’s wrong. It’s time to fix it.

Yet what if we all acknowledged that God has let us down. Over and over again. What if we all acknowledged we’ve managed to do it all on our own and how fucking amazing that is. What if we all acknowledged that we’ve overcome the odds and survived even when toxic masculinity kept kicking us with more and more disease and not solutions. More and more problems of a wide array, and not a single true solution in sight.

What if, with that awareness we supported each other better by simply blessing every single person we interact with. Verbally or not. Just acknowledge what an amazing person they are and that they deserve whatever thing they need right now. Every person, every time, all day, every day.

The ripple that could cause, could change the world.

May you know a way to help everyone you think about. May you know your thoughts matter and you can help someone point towards wonderful by just giving a thoughtful boost. May you know that you are a divine creator, and know God allowed lies to permeate and infect all of us through fears, worries and diseases, and it’s time we fix it because he’s in no hurry to do it for us. Goddess has always been there for us, let’s let her light shine and protect her. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do. Be the change you wish to see.

Om Shanti

If every single person was doing it wrong, then maybe it wasn’t our fault to begin with.

If every person on the planet was out of alignment enough to get sick multiple times, and billions of people were hurt in a variety of ways- with or without vaccines. Then maybe either God left us, or it wasn’t our fault to begin with. God should be able to tell good people doing their best, and good people doing their best didn’t deserve to get kicked when they were already down. Good people doing their best deserved help to rise above that which wasn’t ours to begin with. Where was that?

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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