How about
Or both

The middle
Can reach

But choses

Laden with


~Treasa Cailleach

This year, I was brought aware of a Mardi Gras element I hadn’t known of before. Novelties like necklaces, fake eyeglasses, crowns, and bracelets, all adorned with boobs (see next picture for example).

When I noticed them I went off on balance and why isn’t there a penis for every boob object. The person I was with pointed to the one necklace that had both as if that was balance enough.

No, no it isn’t.

Everyone wants to be BLM or all lives matter, cops are evil killers or cops are our best friends, mine vs yours, insurance vs social medicine, vaccine vs anti-vax, war on drugs was followed by wars for gender equality, wars over every topic imaginable. None of them have solved a damn thing for one, and for the other, they have forgotten that balanced healthy equality was the goal.

So for society: I’d love to see balanced healthy equality, the both of everything. If you are going to manufacture breast novelties, then you should manufacturer and sell an equal number of penises, if the breasts run out, then just don’t replace them until the penises also sell out, balanced healthy equality. If every manufacturer took that mentality with everything, and made the cost of pink vs blue equal, especially in razors, then society would manage a great leap because everyone would feel included again.

So, I stand by my own efforts, and I’m ducking away from more and more. The external world is far crazier than I am, especially when I am centered and myself. The hardest part, is being that when I’m around anyone right now. Everyone has their input whether they say it out loud or not, and my body hears all of it.

Yet for myself, knowing the crazy is unlikely to change very quickly (not impossible, just unlikely); I choose neither.

I’m choosing to be alone more and more, with less and less input from the external world, even people I considered close. I need my flow to return, and letting go is hard for me because I was brainwashed by family and society, to hold onto their beliefs. I want to let go, but until I fully heal that aspect, I must hermit. It’s just easier that way, it’s the equivalent of a pill to solve a symptom for the now. I am in a mostly comfortable limbo, and waiting for my flow to gain it’s momentum, before I make any other choices on anything. I must know that my choices are completely my own, and in my healthy balanced equality. I was always for happy mediums, and I am still for happy mediums. That part of me that disappeared will return if I allow myself to nurture myself. Just like when I layed in sunbeams with a purring cat as a child. That is what I am doing and I know anything that falls away in that timeframe was unable to keep up with my vibrational me.

It’s okay. It’s perfectly fine. I’m still breathing. I’m still winning my life. I’m still in love with me. In fact it is all to honor and respect me, myself and I. I deserve this healing. I accept my own healing.

May you find your own solution for all that is. May you see we are all responsible only for ourselves. May you find a way to let go easily, even when your brain insists otherwise. May you heal everything you wish to heal and release everything that no longer serves you. May you know your life is your own again. If you have children in your life, may the divine provide easy solutions for allowing them to be themselves and still allowing you to be free of imposed responsibilities. May we all heal fully and be free in a balanced healthy state of equality.

Om Shanti

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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