Thanks mom.

Some things I learned from mom. Some from the positive 'this worked for her', and some from the 'what not to do' perspective.
  • Sometimes the truth sucks, and there’s nothing you can do about it except accept it.
  • Practicing anything enough makes it second nature even when applying it to something others would feel difficult or impossible. It just is what it is, becomes life moves on in any situation.
  • If you can’t make it fit easily then give up and move on because something else will eventually come along.
  • Visiting family shouldn’t cost you anything but the gas to get there if you care and can make the time.
  • And the paired: Save your money for real vacations and the freedom to choose your own fun…. Or life: it’ll always give you places to spend it.
  • Sometimes respect and honor is best demonstrated when someone makes the time for you. Time to know you, find out who you are and what you desire in life, and actually cares about all of it. Choosing to interact genuinely when it’s easy not to.
  • Sometimes offering and waiting is all that is needed, and sometimes offers are pointless and letting go of the results is kinder on the self. (She always did have trouble letting go of the results, and I did learn from that.)
  • How to make the best and the most of anything you got. There are certain things in life we can’t control and when they show up we still have to keep going, so making the best of it, is best for yourself.
  • Situations in Life can be hard, but our choices can turn that into an undeniable hard track we can’t get off of. It’s our choice if we allow patterns to continue or find a way to change them.
  • Sometimes actions do matter and sometimes work can be the best thing in your life, but we have to find a way to balance flow of force and flow of ease for overall balance. Masculine to balance with feminine in the best way for ourselves. The imbalance is what caused much of our familiar diseases.
  • Sometimes a good cry is needed.
  • Sometimes a good fiery angry rant is needed.
  • Sometimes a long sit in the woods or on a porch full of birds is just perfect.
  • Gardens bring life, beautiful growing things that please our senses and sometimes our bellies too.
  • If people don’t care there’s no need to be deep. Don’t trouble strangers with your problems or needs, because they probably will forget immediately or use it against you.
  • Sometimes they just won’t hear you, no matter how you say it or how it might pertain to them, if they’re not hearing you there’s no way you can force it, let it go.
  • Walking away is easier, and letting go of everything troublesome is the goal but easier said than done.

My mom was full of things like this. Good memories and bad. She did some things perfectly, and others she did her best and fell short, but she was perfect just the way she was. She was my mom and I love her. I will miss her because she was my only real family, she was the only one I could really rely on and the only one that fully accepted me and loved me.

I’m not sure I’ll ever have the same perspective with my father, I’ll be happy if I can release all my negative emotions regarding him and just find neutral ground.

May you never have to process grief when life is unrelenting. May you always have family and support. May you always be loved and accepted unconditionally. May you know that you are perfect just the way you are. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

About Treasa Cailleach

I'm a massage therapist working with chiropractic and the elderly; musician, artist, pagan, mom, B of LGBTQ, & polyamorous professional.

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