About the Founder and Primary Author:

img_20190730_135735932Treasa Cailleach: mother and wife, Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist of 12 years, Small Business Owner of 8 yrs., Graphic & Fine Artist of 15 yrs., Musician, handy-woman, baby-wearer, pet-lover, and Bi-Sexual Polyamorist and Pagan.

From the Author:

Having grown up in Mid-West of the United States, sometimes my beliefs, opinions, and choices can be viewed as quite controversial. However, I like to think that despite being very unique, it means that I am able to connect with a very wide range of people. I am that person that seems just like you, until you really get to know me. Then I often will challenge you. I push paradigms, open minds to alternate views, and often cause people to really evaluate one or several of their existing thoughts and beliefs, and even previous actions.

In many ways I am just like everyone else: I still must eat, sleep and work, I still am raising a family, and I still face challenges getting through this thing we call life. I have health challenges and have fought and overcome severe depression. I am simply doing my best to navigate this world and my life and the resulting needs and desires that have arisen.

This blog started 4 years (January 2016) ago as simply a desire to document yet another challenge. We had been given a home in dire need of attention and repair, and I wanted to document that process. As with many things in life, that process failed. However, at that point I had been writing about not just that process, I had written about everything that had crossed my mind and stirred a desire to write. So my blog had naturally taken a course to being more about the journey of life than any one individual aspect of it.

I sincerely hope that you read with an open mind and take my challenges and the results as fodder to examine your own journey and reach for better in your own world.

May you be well and have all the love and joy you seek.

Siva Hir Su.


About the Co-Author:

20190123_212231Nathan Cailleach: Husband & Mr. Mom, cook, Home-schooling Dad & Teacher, baby-wearer, Photographer of 40 years, pet-lover, Polyamorist and Pagan.

From the Author:

Though Nathan has not written in this blog yet, he has written in other venues. He does plan to begin contributing here in a more significant way very soon.

Nathan’s primary love is that of photography of which he has worked professionally full time for approximately 20 years of his 40 as a photographer. He is internet famous for his photograph of Morrissey while on assignment for Alternative Press. In fact  his work for Alternative Press was honored on their 30 year anniversary when the publication was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH in 2017. He has been published in various small press publications as well as a text book [“Foil Imaging: A New Art Form” by Virginia A. Meyers].

Nathan is still very down to earth and like Treasa welcoming and open-minded. He may challenge you just like Treasa, and definitely has a different view of the world like her. However, he is still a human navigating this world and life, so many of his challenges may speak to you and your journey.

He hopes that you will stop back often to check and see what he has brought to the table.