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Thank you.

I’m out with my husband for a shopping trip for Anya’s upcoming teenage birthday. I’ve had a full work week, with a schedule so full that only one or two appointments could even have been snugged in. It’s been a good week.

Anyway, in reviewing things which I had only briefly looked at previously, I realized I just reached 50 followers this week. I also discovered I’ve written 516 posts in the four and a half years of my blog, and I’ve had over 5,000 views! That makes it an even better week and leaves me doing a little happy dance, like Ian in this Google created gif.

My goal for this evening post shopping trip is to get a workout in and start some serious self care. The hazard of a bulgingly full week is it’s easy to not make enough time to stay ahead of my own bodywork needs. I must honor the work my body does for God and others and take care of myself, to even be able to continue using my gifts.

Anyway, despite being busy I do sincerely appreciate my readers and especially my 50 subscribers. Have a blessed and joyful weekend.

May you have abundantly full good weeks. May you have the ability to celebrate birthdays in the best ways. May you remember to take time for adequate self care. May you honor the work you do and especially it’s place in the universe and being of assistance to God. And if you blog: May you have an abundant flow of readers.

Siva Hir Su

Common ground.

I’ve been talking about finding common ground more frequently, especially in sessions where clients want to focus on current events. I feel it is vital and necessary for the unity our world needs to expand in positive ways.

I did the images for the friend as a thank you, but in my choice of imagery I was reaching for common ground. I aimed for topics of known common interest. I also aimed for a pick-me-up knowing that everyone needs that sometimes.

The trouble is we all have different needs in the details. What seems like a good idea might not always work for another person. In my specific example, I’m hoping my guess is received well, but it makes me think about my own self too.

Additionally, I’ve had a run of people reading old posts from when Katherine was conceived. It was a rough time, I wasn’t sure I would make it through. I could have used a pick-me-up from a friend. Instead I had only myself to rely on as usual. I went through an angry spell with a fair amount of depression and frustration, but then just decided to work it off. Quite literally I worked 7 days a week during the entire pregnancy, took 5 weeks off and jumped straight back into full time.

It distracted me from problems and helped to ensure that finances wouldn’t be a big problem. Yet, my pick-me-up ended up just being to make myself do mantras, even when I was doubting if they would actually do me any good. Almost 3 years later we are in a much different place, and I know things are gradually improving even more.

However, now I’m in a new set of conundrums and trying to figure out my new pick-me-up. The mantras still help, but there is more to life than mantras and I’m really enjoying the artwork I have been doing. Most of it is for myself to begin with. I think that is a huge factor.

At this point, I have ideas for images to tell the story of my guide, that divine influence that has been in and out of my life since very early childhood. I also have ideas for images that would help with my path to body improvement.

I took this picture yesterday, enjoying wearing an outfit on my day off, which hasn’t been worn since our last camping trip 6 years ago. I was much bigger then, but it’s not often I get to run around in a halter top and sarong.

Anyways, this picture stirred a desire to do digital mock-ups of my desired future self. I think that will help.

But what does that have to do with the original topic?

Just because I think I have found something that will work for me and hope that I guessed at something that might work for a friend, doesn’t mean either would work for others.

People find joy in many different things. Personally I wish more conversations centered around thing we find joy and happiness in.

Have you asked friends, co-workers, acquaintances what they enjoy or like doing? Do we ever take time to savor and share with others those things we like doing? Why isn’t more of our world attempting to find those things out? Why don’t we encourage each other to reach for fun more often? Why don’t we want to know what keeps our fellow humans going?

May you have good conversations finding common ground of joy and enjoyment. May you know what your friends like. May you help others successfully find pick-me-ups. May you know your own paths to buoyancy. May we all find the common ground of finding improvement and reaching for a better life.

Siva Hir Su

Cute threw up.

So I’ve had an entire day off today. The first in about 4 weeks, being this month my Mondays were almost a day off with 2 appointments only. Anyway, I’m really enjoying the day and wanted to share cute moments with kids and pets. Cats got stoned on fresh catnip from our garden. Kids found all kinds of ways to be cute. BTW Katherine does have pants, she just doesn’t like wearing them, so if we’re not going anywhere we let her run around in just a shirt and potty-training undies. Here’s the pics starting with moon-set just before sunrise. I hope you enjoy the cuteness as much as I do.

May you have good days off. May you find fun and beauty right where you are. May you have plenty of enjoyable moments. May children and pets around you add joy to your life. May you see love all around you.

Siva Hir Su