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Put up or shut up.

I still have energetic junk plaguing my family and my home in a quite cyclical fashion. I suspect I know which partie(s) are causing it, but I’m not 100% certain.

I have however, gotten really good at shutting it down and blocking it after the fact though. What I can’t seem to block, Nathan can and does repeatedly.

Yesterday I had scream fest over it, alone in the van, on the way to work. I was blasting the source with a message of “if you’re not going to help then leave me the eff alone, I’m already doing it on my own, and you’re just making it harder.”

On one hand, good for me, makes me even stronger every single time I win. On the other hand it’s keeping me from the easy route which at this point I have more than earned, a dozen times over.

It amazes me that a couple/few individuals so insecure in themselves, can be hung up on me, allowing jealousy or whatever-stupid-reason to be fodder for regular energetic fixation in the most negative of ways.

I am getting stronger. I am getting more confident. I am able to keep my vibration higher most of the time, and even these energetic attacks only distract me briefly at this point. I am healing and growing and learning.

She-Ra was excellent inspiration, and I’m glad I revisited the show of my youth. It has only helped me with the here and now. I can’t begin to explain the number of ways I have put that inspiration to good use, and I am energetically kicking ass these days. (Which in all honesty I wasn’t doing half bad before.)

Beyond that, I’m not really the vengeful sort, but I am very aware of all of the energetic ways to ensure this non-sense ends. If push comes to shove I will invoke any means necessary to end this stupid game of theirs. I know God would both understand, and accept my request for forgiveness, to ensure my family is safe and secure.

So let this be fair warning to them. If they continue to cause problems and distractions, they will be bound energetically. That would make their lives extra difficult and possibly even emotionally painful, and I would hate to see it come to that.

God supports me and knows that it is time for the negativity to end completely, by whatever means are necessary. I count myself blessed that I understand how to do that without ever laying a finger on anyone or anything, except maybe some clay and a candle.

Of course, there are easier ways. They couldĀ  simply tell the truth and come clean. Or… They could completely let go of me, whatever they think of me, what they think I should do or not, their desires centered around me, etc. It’s obvious that something about me is causing another person or people grief, anger, frustration, etc., and they are looping something fierce. They really should just address their brain needing to loop onto the topic of me. With the millions of things to think about, just let go of me.

Hell, my older brother used to turn water on to drip just to drive me nuts. I learned quick how to ignore it, but in this moment maybe dripping water could help them ignore me. Or clouds in the sky, or cars on the road, or music. There is literally an infinite array of options anyone can use to distract themselves. If all else fails, there’s even mantras you can say or think repeatedly. ‘Om Shanti’ means “All that is be peace” – use the sanskrit or English version, either one will get your brain off of me and onto peace.

Of course, I recommend everyone repeat that mantra as much as possible. Regardless of language used, it definitely does help bring world peace. The more people chanting with focused mental stillness, the higher our planetary vibration becomes and the better we all get to experience. I would love to see more of that.

Anyway, the source of the negativity either needs to make good in reality with full truth, honesty and disclosure, or leave me the eff alone and let me slowly chip at making my world better with one less obstacle. If neither of those happens willingly from their end, I will shut them up energetically. I sense a binding coming on.

May you be energetically sovereign and mostly dwell in high vibrations. May your days go smoothly and have a steady flow of positive interactions both physically and energetically. May you know God supports you in all that you do. May you know you are healing and getting stronger. May you know you are learning all that you need to know. May everything bring you a sense of divine timing and God force guiding you to all you desire. May you know that God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Work it off.

This is a short post because I need to go practice my presentation while I have the time.

Today was fairly normal and uneventful until I went to address email at work. A husband and wife couple had been turned away on Saturday because they refused to wear a mask in public areas. He later emailed, and though I can’t share his email due to identity protection, he basically stated he was offended that we wouldn’t treat them and wrote quite a bit about why he thought we should have. He also implied we would loose his business permanently.

The following was my reply (no names were used except mine, so I am confident it is safe to share).

Keep in mind, having had to wear a mask 6 to 7 days a week since the end of March last year, I’m totally over them myself. If governing bodies relaxed, I would quit wearing them in a heartbeat. They help, but they aren’t a perfect solution, so I have difficulty even convincing myself to wear them.

However, my job is to run my own portion of the business and in doing so, I also represent everyone else that works there. Ignoring mandates for whomever dislikes them is risky for all of us, and the massage board is known for assume guilt until the therapist proves otherwise. It would only take one complaint to put us all at risk.

Anyway, I did my best to soothe some very opinionated nerves, from a ‘consider both sides’ standpoint. It was a might bit stressful choosing my words because I was speaking for a collective, not just myself. If it had been just me at stake I might have been far less PC and just told him that’s fine just go eff off. I get much more formal when my words affect many.

Fortunately, once completed everyone in the office thanked me and said it was a job well done. Whew. I’m glad I could help.

Afterwards, my work wrapped up and I went across to the gym to work the stress of the email out of my body. I did an extra long workout with a full hour on the treadmill and some weight lifting after. It definitely helped the stress diassapate.

I started to take selfies to capture my progress, but the mirror is in no camera zone, and I ceased when I heard someone coming, so second half was from my standard bathroom mirror at home. Sadly, I don’t have access at the moment to any pictures that match, from before kids, at my largest. So, I’ll post a picture from after Ian was born, it was my lightest weight, but with far less muscle bulk (it’s the purple shirt picture). I’m now back to very similar body of that low weight, but far more muscle to show for it, so the scale still doesn’t agree. Regardless, I look far better than my maximum, and one day soon I’ll find good pics so you all can really see the difference.

All in all today was a good day, albeit a little stress inducing.

May you have good communication skills when you need them. May you find soothing diplomatic responses to even the most difficult quandaries. May you feel good about all of your progress. May you see your smaller healthier self. May you know that you are loved and supported by God in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Stream of consciousness- part 1

Last night I meditated to a 111hz YouTube video to calm and find answers. The combination of my herbs, the frequency, and the visual, led to my connection being amplified intensely. The following words are from that channeled experience, and I think they can apply to everyone. I will expound on the rest of my related thoughts in a separate post.

The matrix is being redesigned

What do you want it to look like

Are you someone who wants me to stay down with you
Or are you someone who wants to try and keep up with the changes like I do

I’m sorry if you want to stay down, I can’t stay with you
If you want to keep up, we’ll do better if we work with each other

I want to work together, show me how, tell me how