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Better than that.

As one of my friends said “If pregnancy is God’s will, then we better take Viagra away too, because so is that limp dick.”

It fit with my prior writings, and was quite hilarious, so I wanted to share, but this post is genuinely aimed at better.

May that which my brain senses as God and his will, die and be cleansed from my being, because I deserve better than the torment and torture it has led to in my life. I deserve my freedom from what my brain labeled as God, regardless of its true source/cause.

May my children experience the same release and freedom, because right now I regret having had them, and I wish I didn’t. I know my children are better than that which I experience, and I know that they are suffering just as I am, and I feel the cause is beyond my control. If I had known this would be the result, I would never have given birth to begin with. So, we all deserve better, we all deserve healing freedom from the darkness, from that which we were taught was God’s will.

May society be freed from God’s will also. There are millions arguing for their own demise, their own burdens, their own torture, because they have been lied to too many times. Allow them all to be free from the burdens and lies of this darkness we all learned to call God’s will.

May everyone see that bearing children is not requisite for life on this planet, regardless as to whether a few stupid people attempt to make us. May you know you are always in control of your own body, and that birthing anything or anyone is your own choice, which starts in the mind. If unwanted, all one must do is push it out of the mind and starve it of anything it needs to grow. Own your own choices fully, even when it is terminating a thought, desire, intention, or conception. You can always decide, regardless of external influences, and where there is will, there is always a way.

As amusing, and financially lucrative, as it would be to start restaurants like “Chips in Dale’s” or “Schlong’s Deli”, especially next to every “Hooters” in the nation, may we never actually see that day. May we all find balance and bring the maddness to an end.

May there never be a child born unwanted, severely damaged, or poisoned with recreational drugs. May there never be a mother killed in childbirth only because her unborn baby was seen as more valuable. May everyone understand their choices and beliefs are their own and they have no right to enforce anything on anyone else.

May those intent on keeping guns intended for killing (especially humans), see they are no different than a doctor choosing between the life of an unborn child and the living mother. Really no one human has the right to take the life of another, but self-preservation often causes loss of life, be it by scalpel or gun. One is not more offensive than the other, they are both grotesque necessities, which need to be protected for the moments when they are necessary.

May I feel my freedom propelling me beyond limitations learned. May relief be immediately palpable. May life inprove for me and everyone from this day forward. May we all see and understand more clearly moving forward. May balance be restored. May prosperity reign in only glorious and life supporting ways.

May all systems (health, government, business, society) see the failures of our past and use them as brief reminders of what to fix and what solutions we truly need. We’d be of no need to force pregnancies if government and healthcare hadn’t failed at stopping COVID, and the kicker is we still don’t. There are enough people that wish to bear many children that society will again risk becoming too populous in time, anti-abortion or not. Turn-over should never be terminology for old dieing and new being born, let the natural flow guide us forever more.

May those in power and acting as TV’s guiding personalities, see their mistakes and missteps, and how it caused society to distrust them. May they all use that knowledge to better themselves, and do better for the masses moving forward.

May we all feel safe, supported, and know we have our own freedoms to do what is right for us moving forward. May we all know that we belong in this world, may men know and correct their abuses, and may all women know they are worth more than just producing children. May the biological -gender population balance, be fully reflected in rights, wages, careers, and all other aspects affecting humanity. May the balance be evident everywhere.

May the divine goddess be honoured in every woman, and may all women be shown respect in every moment of every day they live. May the goddess ensure that no woman ever be further punished for being a victim of man’s assault, and may the goddess remove men who attack women in any manner as they are damaged beyond earthly healing. Balance be restored.

Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Other leveling ideas.

If it’s okay for men, then let’s flip the scales. If we don’t have reproductive rights, then let’s reclaim everything else. After all the population is nearly 50/50 by birth genders, it should be easy to flip everything.

  • A bar and grill staffed by men in muscle shirts and very tight pants… Or shirtless… Or maybe just serving food in g-strings. Call it “Chips in Dale’s”. Have it woman owned and women managed, and only hire male body builders.
  • “Schlong’s Deli” same staff idea- muscle men scantily clad, but serving hot dogs, brats, and sub sandwiches. Anything that can be served in measurements of length. 🤣
  • Strip clubs featuring only men all the time.
  • Female pimps with whore houses of only men.
  • Predominantly male human trafficking.
  • Once we figure out men caring babies to term, refuse to do abdominal reconstruction on anyone because it’s merely a known side effect of bearing children, and if they become incontinent, oh well, they can do the same things offered to women now.
  • Banking laws and rules will be flipped. Women will always be listed as primary on accounts and mortgages, and men will require cosigners, but women would be free and clear to open any account on their own, including larger than feasible balance limits.
  • Credit cards would be given to women freely and men would have to beg.
  • Credit rules would favor women, including credit ratings and interest rates.
  • Wage scales would be flipped so that for every woman’s dollar a man would make the $0.82.
  • Men would have female managers that could manipulate them into sexual favors and because all managers would suddenly be women they’d all turn blind eyes on the matter.
  • The government would be replaced with predominantly female politicians.
  • Men would have to cry to get out of speeding tickets, but women would be allowed to do as they please unless it’s excessive, and then they’ll just get a slap on the wrist.
  • Once sex is obsolete we can hook men up to milking machines to collect sperm. Pay them minimum wage (the current legal $7.25/hr) for their time.
  • Hire only men as table servers in restaurants and pay them the current tipped employee minimum wage of $2.13/hour.
  • If all else fails, we’ll end up with two factions of society doing the same things in opposite gender regards.

Fair’s Fair.

Fair’s Fair, or Wake Up

A proposed tit-for-tat legislation to level the playing field from yesterday.

  • All those who currently support the pro-lifer movement and any persons signing up moving forward, will be mandatorily registered with a pro-lifer database.
  • All those in the database will be required to donate a live kidney, and will also be assigned to the organ donor registry in the pro-lifer category which will be irrevocable.
  • All pro-life registry persons will be required to train for and complete a minimum of 4 shifts per month guarding the school nearest them against mass shootings, public or private, regardless of whether they have any relations attending or working at said school, and regardless of their own age or skills.
  • Additionally, all pro-life registered persons will be required to pay an additional 10% tax as tithing to the unwanted children’s fund which will be charged with caring for and adoption or fostering of children which would have otherwise been aborted.
  • Since bearing children and raising children has never been financially compensated, then none of the pro-life registry requirements will be compensated either. If you choose to revoke women’s reproductive rights, then you also assume full responsibility for reprecussions.
  • Since abortion is so horrible and preventable, funds will be raised and committed to development of reliable male uterus implantation. Men will then be required to carry half of all children produced, regardless as to whether they wanted to or not, and regardless of any risks of male childbearing.
  • Additionally, any persons harmed in any way by a penis (rape, anal rape, molestation, incest, etc), and whom retaliate with castration or any other bodily harm including murder, will be exempt from any judicial proceedings or incarceration, so long as the victim calls emergency services as immediately as possible after said altercation.
  • Any woman whom is impregnated via forced intercourse of any kind will be provided with nursing care and psychological therapy for the entirety of the pregnancy. They will also be provided with paid leave from whatever job they hold for the duration of the pregnancy and a minimum of 6 weeks post partum, and upon birth will be given the choice of what happens to the baby. Employers will be required to add additional coverage to their workers comp insurance to cover this contingency. If the forceably impregnated woman chooses to keep the child she will receive a stipend monthly until the child is 18, in accordance for living expenses for the child based on current costs of living, that stipend will be drawn from the unwanted children’s fund.
  • Also, because childbearing beyond 40 is seen as high risk, both women and men will be sterilized at 40. That way no husband will ever be able to impregnate their wives beyond safe childbearing years, vastly reducing the risks necessitating medical abortions. Additionally, having more than 4 children also increases risks for pregnancy and delivery, so women will be granted voluntary hysterectomy after their fourth child, and insurance will be required to cover the procedure.

Women don’t need sex near as much as men do. And currently birth is only possible through a woman (with a couple of experimental exceptions). I propose that all women whom have been hurt by a penis pick up the nearest weapon and kill said penis, castrate, murder, whatever works (I’d love to, but my memories are too blurred to know for certain which man or boy in my family was the offender). Then whomever is left can just be cut off from contact with women. The homophobic bastards will get over their fears really quick if they ever want sex again.

Perhaps though, we could all realize the rediculous nature of all of this, and undo yesterday’s madness.

Be real, taking the responsibility for unwanted children is a massive undertaking, and no child should ever carry the label of unwanted.

Additionally, you have to wake up and see the slippery slope. If we help the government take rights away that we diligently fought for, then they will just keep taking, and before you know it we’ll be just like North Korea or China. You’ll be gunless and told what to do all of your life. If that’s what you really want then move there, and leave the rest of us out of it.

Beyond that, unless you have $10 Billion or more in the bank, you are just as much a sheep as anyone else. The powers in control would love to control all the sheep fully and completely, and it is up to the masses in cooperation to prevent that.

May you see the tragedy that has occurred and the lack of responsibility in what was done. May we all see a few injust justices with targets on their heads and know that where there is a will there is a way (there are now plenty of sharpshooter females, are any of them pissed enough?). May we all have our freedoms back and understand that restricting one and not the other isn’t okay, so we either have to let everyone be free or risk losing our own freedom in all regards. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

As for me, I’m tired of this fight and all others, I’m at my rope’s end. I am willing to take leave of Earth. My kids will figure it out eventually, and since I can’t stand being around conservative men with offensive anti-woman, anti-rights beliefs I feel I may need to leave immediately. The past 24 hours I have fought hard to not hurt the men in my immediate vacinity, because their behaviors trigger my traumas. I know I was hurt and having society say I am not worthy of respect and choice has made me want to lash out at every person with a penis I see. Sadly, I know I am capable of killing someone, so I’d rather kill myself and be free of all of it.

Om Shanti


How can any
Man give
Love to
Another Human

How can
They know
When their
Did not

How can
Any man
Show respect
Give love

When their
Would not

When their
To set

After another

Lie to

Silently grieving

Cycles of

All Divine
Gifts Ignored

To molest
Mistreat, rape
By father's

Before words
Giving in
Instead of

For inner

This goddess
An Amazon

Wear the
Other shoe
And set right

One goal
Figure out
How to do it
Without violence
Without becoming
Just like them

~Treasa Cailleach

May you know you can right wrongs by stopping the momentum of wrongs repeated. Even Mack Truck sized wrongs may flatten us, but our will can still stop them in the process. May we never be flattened and still change wrongs to rights, break shackles for freedom, level dominance with equality. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Blood, sweat, and tears do sometimes matter.

I’m all for law of attraction, and the helpfulness it can provide. But sometimes if you want something you just have to do it yourself, or strongly insist others keep their word.

This weekend was a lot of work. Heavy on my labor, with a good dose of what Nathan could handle.

Friday and Saturday I put up trellis that we’ve been sitting on for the entirety of living in this house. The previous owner had left the supplies, but between indecision and priority list we had not gotten to it. I’m glad I finally did. I turned it into an almost ‘L’ shape in the SW corner of our back deck. The gutter prevented me from connecting them, but I was totally fine with the result. Now that I’ve had some moments to experience it I love it just the way it is.

Also, we have a jungle of poison ivy/oak/sumac that has taken over the east and west fence line. I took East and Nathan to West. We both put a sizeable dent, but didn’t finish.

In the process of cutting and spraying invasive unwanted plants, I moved 8 sad roses from the shaded east fence to my new full sun trellis. I’m hoping they appreciate the move and take off.

I also planted a variety of plants. Some that were given to me and $60 of shade loving prinneals I bought at Hy-Vee. It was the entirety of my garden purchases this year. Everything else was grown, or is growing from seed. I have hostas, daisy’s, Lillie’s of several varieties, yuccas, castor bean, ornamental sweet potatoes, lettuces, kale, rainbow chard, bok choy, spinach, ferns, squashes of 3 varieties, arugula, cucumbers, chives, several herbs, 3 kinds of mint, columbine, hyacinth vine, strawberries, lavender, mother in law’s tongue, Poinsettia from last year is getting bigger, forever plant, creeping Jenny, yellow sedum, columbine, echinacia, purple and yellow cone flowers, clematis, peonies, spirea, irises, and several other biennial wildflowers, and a gaggle of coleous (I started with 3 and propagated over a dozen more).

There was lots of weeding and digging and my low back says I need to cut that out for a while. I didn’t finish my drawing edit because of all of it, so remember to check back for that in the next week or so, it’ll go at the end of the last post.

Kids played, sandbox, sprinkler, slip and slide, trampoline, and climbing the old tree and the front tree.

And the female hummingbird that frequents the most, got brave today. She hovered over me twice when I was taking my breaks in the hammock. After chirping a thank you she flew around the inside of the porch and then exited through the trellis. It was a giddy happy moment for me.

So now I’m enjoying my back porch with tikis lit while a storm rolls in. And I’ll leave you with pictures day and night and my blessing.

May you always have exactly what you need. May things you desire come to wonderful enjoyable fruition. May you see the bounty of Momma Gaea all around. May your life be as abundant as you are able to allow. May you know when hard labor is exactly what is needed. May you enjoy life even when having to work hard daily. May you find your comfortable moments of that when you can. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti