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Blood, sweat, and tears do sometimes matter.

I’m all for law of attraction, and the helpfulness it can provide. But sometimes if you want something you just have to do it yourself, or strongly insist others keep their word.

This weekend was a lot of work. Heavy on my labor, with a good dose of what Nathan could handle.

Friday and Saturday I put up trellis that we’ve been sitting on for the entirety of living in this house. The previous owner had left the supplies, but between indecision and priority list we had not gotten to it. I’m glad I finally did. I turned it into an almost ‘L’ shape in the SW corner of our back deck. The gutter prevented me from connecting them, but I was totally fine with the result. Now that I’ve had some moments to experience it I love it just the way it is.

Also, we have a jungle of poison ivy/oak/sumac that has taken over the east and west fence line. I took East and Nathan to West. We both put a sizeable dent, but didn’t finish.

In the process of cutting and spraying invasive unwanted plants, I moved 8 sad roses from the shaded east fence to my new full sun trellis. I’m hoping they appreciate the move and take off.

I also planted a variety of plants. Some that were given to me and $60 of shade loving prinneals I bought at Hy-Vee. It was the entirety of my garden purchases this year. Everything else was grown, or is growing from seed. I have hostas, daisy’s, Lillie’s of several varieties, yuccas, castor bean, ornamental sweet potatoes, lettuces, kale, rainbow chard, bok choy, spinach, ferns, squashes of 3 varieties, arugula, cucumbers, chives, several herbs, 3 kinds of mint, columbine, hyacinth vine, strawberries, lavender, mother in law’s tongue, Poinsettia from last year is getting bigger, forever plant, creeping Jenny, yellow sedum, columbine, echinacia, purple and yellow cone flowers, clematis, peonies, spirea, irises, and several other biennial wildflowers, and a gaggle of coleous (I started with 3 and propagated over a dozen more).

There was lots of weeding and digging and my low back says I need to cut that out for a while. I didn’t finish my drawing edit because of all of it, so remember to check back for that in the next week or so, it’ll go at the end of the last post.

Kids played, sandbox, sprinkler, slip and slide, trampoline, and climbing the old tree and the front tree.

And the female hummingbird that frequents the most, got brave today. She hovered over me twice when I was taking my breaks in the hammock. After chirping a thank you she flew around the inside of the porch and then exited through the trellis. It was a giddy happy moment for me.

So now I’m enjoying my back porch with tikis lit while a storm rolls in. And I’ll leave you with pictures day and night and my blessing.

May you always have exactly what you need. May things you desire come to wonderful enjoyable fruition. May you see the bounty of Momma Gaea all around. May your life be as abundant as you are able to allow. May you know when hard labor is exactly what is needed. May you enjoy life even when having to work hard daily. May you find your comfortable moments of that when you can. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti


Empty candle jars from the last year. (I saved all the decent glass jars, especially ones with labels I liked.)


$8 in wax (in addition to remnants) and $6 of wicks

Equals: 3 hours in the kitchen refilling candles.

May you have good ways to be kind to our environment. May you enjoy hobby activities and recycling. May you always have plenty of light in your life. May you light a candle for your own spirit and another for peace in the world. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti



I chose
Of circumstances
And lore

I chose
By books

I chose


I chose
As it is

It has

It has

It has

I found
In a


My body
Told me

I listened
I felt
I watched
I processed


The moment
Is where
I have



Led the

To explore

In Authorship

More can
Be had
Be found


For what
That one
Might have

As complex
As the

Simple as it

Is more
To learn

To learn

In openness
To know

I appreciate
It saved
My life
To learn

~Treasa Cailleach

Next time.

I am grateful for the time to reconnect to myself. I am grateful for toes in the sand. I am grateful for salt water waves. I am grateful for the sun continuing to shine. I am grateful for birds and beasts and breath taking beauty all around. I am grateful for time to let go and allow better. I am grateful for space and time. I am grateful for good food and good window shopping. I am grateful for exploration. I am grateful for this experience.

Next time:

  • More sun
  • More fun
  • Less responsibility
  • More independence
  • More and bigger money flow
  • Same or better amenities
  • One really nice seafood dinner to savour in silence looking out over the water. The couple of times I’ve gotten to do that, it was amazing.
  • More me, less for others
  • Longer duration
  • Different location
  • More flexibility (usually comes with independence, but never hurts to specify)
  • Better water pressure (in amenities)
  • Better swim-ability (warmer waters, less wind, calmer waves)
  • Kids/spouse to join me (as long as someone else can watch the kids for safety concerns) I prefer the fun parts.
  • More quiet time for me, more alone time.
  • More savoring of everything
  • Explore the coast more
  • See new things, experience new things
  • More of ME… I like me.

I realized on this short trip that I have been manifesting my family and their expectations for so long that I have had a hell of a time stopping that ball. I have slowed the momentum significantly and found more of me. I like me, and I’m very different than they are.

May you have many things to be grateful for. May you find yourself and your inner fire. May you see yourself for who you are and what you deserve. May you find every way possible to allow your own light even when it seems challenging. May you always have reasons for a next time, and know you are allowing better and better, to flow a better next time. May you enjoy more and appreciate every moment. May you see your creations and find ways to open your vortex more. May you find a way to apply your “work-hard” ethics to “think and allow” so that you flow your own self, as well or better than, you flow other’s expectations of you. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti


I wrote another letter, this time to an organization. A finite clerical request pertaining only to my sanity, but the result of something my mom did a few years ago and my father ignoring my only request of him. I’ll drop it in the mail tomorrow.

My COVID symptoms subsided 3 days ago and I worked yesterday and today. It has been helpful because our furnace went out on Wednesday.

2 service calls later our home warranty insurance will cover most (75%-80%) of the installation of a new unit. It’s a much smaller ouch than the first repairman almost instigated. Nathan still isn’t himself, but managed to gather enough of his wits to make it all happen with just some encouraging words from me. I’m grateful.

Anya is apparently an asymptomatic carrier, because she’s never shown any symptoms but her test was positive. She’s been fairly helpful with everything while her employer has made her quarantine. They said if she continues to stay symptom free then she can return to work after a 10 day stretch has passed. I’m grateful to her for her assistance with siblings and meals.

Today after work I cut wood. The goal to produce enough to get through until the furnace replacement is complete. The last 3 days I’ve purchased precut bundles of wood to stretch our small existing pile of wood. It was not really enough, and I spent $100 on fire wood and about $150 on some additional space heaters. The house has been a little chilly, but considering we had negative wind chills for part of that period it wasn’t too bad.

The estimated replacement period is 3 to 5 days, so based on prior usage I attempted to cut enough wood to get through. I had already worked a nearly full day, so I’m not sure I accomplished the goal before my body gave up. Tomorrow is another day.

At this point children are headed to bed and Nathan is doing storytime. I feel something is afoot but I’m not certain what. Like everything else time will tell.

For now I am enjoying a little cuddle time with pets in front of our fireplace. I can’t say I’m disappointed to have a fire going constantly, I love sitting in front of a fire. I just prefer to not have to rely on them for heat, a central heat/AC system is much more stable and reliable, and keeps up with bitter cold much better.

May you always have heat when it is needed and resources a plenty. May fires be as abundant as you desire regardless of equipment needs. May you have wonderful climate control always. May you appreciate resources that protect you when mishaps or disaster come calling, and may those resources always do as they promise. May you know that you are protected and that you have done everything necessary to improve your situation. May you see your emotions as the indicator they are and know how to apply that to your experience in a practical continual way. May your sense of something being afoot always result in wonderful things. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you.

Om Shanti