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Bison Finished.

Bison commission…. start to finish. I will scan and frame it tomorrow.

Prismacolor artist pencil, oil pastels, and chalk on 11×14 bristol paper.

May you have wonderful creative moments that help your brain and bring beauty into the world. May you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Commissioned start.

One of my massage clients has commissioned two art pieces from me. It was much needed significant financial support, and the resulting projects will help with my mental state to some degree as well. I am very appreciative and grateful to be getting paid for my fine art for the first time in my life, and paid well at that.

She has only supplied one of the original photographs so far, so that is the one I have started with.

It is a buffalo for her friend as a gift. The friend had taken the photograph during a close-up encounter on vacation. She requested my rendition of the animal.

I asked if there was any preferences and all she stipulated was size, much smaller than the check she supplied, so I chose a slightly larger paper. I decided to work in color favoring artist colored pencils with plans to add oil pastel for overlay portions.

This is the original and my work so far, only having about 3 hours in at this point. It is helping me to pull up emotionally, but I have more massage clients to get to today. More will have to wait for another day.

May you have good creative moments and much needed mental relief. May you have ample time for self-care. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Herky’s View finished

I put the finishing touches on the image this morning and framed and hung it. This is progression; start to finish of the project. It took about 3 months working an hour or two at a time. I think twice I had more than 2 hours to invest at once.

You might have noticed a couple of the later stages had plastic over part of the image. I use plain plastic cling-wrap as a protective barrier to prevent smudging my previous work. It works well because the plastic wrap doesn’t pick-up any of the charcoal, so even if it shifts around, my work is still protected.

Final image framed:

“Herky’s View”; charcoal, graphite, and white pencil on handmade cotton-linter paper.

And I hung it on a space of empty clinic wall for now. The recipient is welcome to move it wherever she wants.

May you have good creative moments. May you enjoy your work mostly and find great pleasure in gifting your gifts. May you see your talents as useful and appreciated. May you know you have done a job-well-done. May you see your projects come to wonderful fruition. May you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti


This will be short because I have to be up an hour early in the morning.

I spent all day today repotting plants to put in the house over winter. A $20 plant stand from Amazon, and a $12 plant stand from home Depot, with a bit of furniture rearranging was all I needed. See pictures for results.

Also, Herky the dog drawing is nearly complete so I’m not going to post an update on it, I’ll post everything when it is complete.

I did however do a much smaller graphite drawing of a horse head for a client. She gave me a sizeable check partly out of kindness, but also because she wants me to draw a horse she fell in love with. The check was far too large for just one image like the Herky drawing, so I did a small horse head as an initial thank you. I’m supplying the drawing from yesterday and today with a thank you card explaining instructions on how to get the source image to me for the actual desired image.

So plants and furniture shifts first, then the drawing progression with image including source reference.

Both activities were much needed reprieve for my mind and they let me let go for a while.

May you have soothing moments and needed reprieve everytime life calls for it. May you find your inner voice and know your are supported. May you see your abilities as useful and wonderful and well received. Above all may you know the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti