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Coloring fun and presenting

My little Katherine has decided coloring is fun.

Ian likes to draw me pictures. Sometimes I can tell exactly what they are, sometimes it’s more abstract or one of his mazes based on a game he plays.

Katherine however, has decided that coloring is the way to go, and she’s quickly learning to color inside the lines. She went from full page scribbles one day to actual colored images the next. I caught myself saying, “when did she start doing that”, to acknowledge I had just seen one of the full page scribbles 2 days prior.

So I’ll share some pics I snapped of her new skills at the end.

I however, have used my slivers of spare time to produce a presentation. It will count as a 1 credit hour continuing education credit for dental hygienists. I will speak for roughly an hour and then field a Q&A afterwards. My topic: massage therapy for self-care/career longevity, and client assistance/retention. I think I have finished the power-point portion, though I still need several more run-throughs to feel comfortable, so there may need to be edits to accommodate better flow. Essentially though, I’m down to just practicing my speech. It’s scary but exciting. I have one week to practice as delivery will be next Wednesday evening.

It gives me jitters just thinking of it, because the DH association of Kansas City has approximately 1,000 members and potentially all of them could log on to the presentation. The largest presentation I have given prior was my veteran’s day assembly in 2018, and approximately 120 people were present for that. If all possible members attend, I will be speaking to a much larger group than I’m used to. Fortunately, because of Covid it is presented via Zoom, so I won’t see all of their faces at once. Whew. Still nervous, but less than if I was going to speak in an auditorium. I haven’t done that since my art history presentation in college (there were 250+ in that course and I totally rocked it). So, I may not speak in front of large groups often, but I’m no stranger either. I totally got this sh*t.

All fun aside, I am very honored to have had this requested of me. I appreciate very much the level of trust that is being placed in my abilities, skills, and knowledge. It feels very good to know that professionals of another field respect me enough to essentially do a short class on how my skills relate to their field. I’m thankful for the opportunity and experience and send prayers that everything flows smoothly and I remain fully articulate and meet or exceed everyone’s expectations. Cross your fingers that it goes well for everyone.

May you see the good in your children and find wonderful fulfilling additions to your work load. May you be surprised and delighted in as many ways as possible. May you enjoy creativity, especially when your kids demonstrate it. May you give yourself a little credit once in a while for the good things you do. May you know your skills and knowledge are appreciated by those around you. May you find that many other people respect you. Above all may you have fun, knowing God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Watch “PAWS FOR THOUGHT (Thanksgiving Special)” on YouTube

Thank you Simon Tofield. An excellent reminder.

May we all see what we can do for others. May we all find ways to be as helpful as possible. May we realize that our blessings might seem small to us, but massively meaningful to another. May we have kindness to recognize all of it and share what we can.

Om Shanti

Cows. Moo.

I didn’t get a picture, so stock art had to do for this post. After my hour of downtime I headed out to work. I made it a whole 5 blocks and had to stop and put cows away.

Ok, so they were yearlings and fairly small, I’ve met some dogs that were nearly as large, and comically I thought to myself that the chiropractor and two of my clients were larger than the two calves.

But the extra comical part was that another lady in a minivan headed the opposite direction stopped to help keep traffic stopped. She asked me if they were mine. I simply replied “No, but I have handled cows before”.

I proceeded to get the two calves inside their property and closed the gate as best as I was able. I hoped they stayed put long enough for their owner to return.

It’s one of very few grandfathered farms within city limits. Probably a dozen acres, and right next to the railroad tracks, but very much surrounded by city residential neighborhood. It was just amusing.

I texted Nathan about my post vote derail, and he replied: “They have cows? I guess they do since you just put them back… You just had an Altamont moment…🐄🐄🐄🐄”

I simply replied yep, but thought: Altamont, Ainsworth, Brayton, Cameron, Bethany, Ridgeway, and Eagleville. Though that last one was an old mare that would stand on the 2 lane highway just about every week, and I didn’t actually make contact, you just had to get close and she’d take off up the driveway.

My life sure has been interesting at times! Vote-Moo!

May you have an amusing electoral day. May you enjoy the odd moments of life. May you see your special moments.

Om Shanti