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Headwind sucks

It was a pretty intense ride this morning. Not cold just lots of wind straight to the face. I still made decent time, just couldn’t get the fun speeds of my test ride. Though I figured out how to ride with my body folded over to cut down on drag from the wind, that was interesting. This is definitely a very learning heavy experience, and the amazing J has told me of rider garments that will help as it gets even colder. They will be very helpful.

May you have good rides. May the wind be always at you back. May the roads be mostly downhill. May you enjoy your days mostly, and may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Test ride.

It’s no Tesla, but I love my E-Bike.

I was able to accomplish my test ride heading home from work today. I managed the ride in 1 hr and 14 minutes (with 2 stops), and it ended up being just over 14 miles.

As you can see in the images below, I was able to go much faster on the E-Bike, but it was still a very good amount of pedaling. There were a few downhill stretches where my legs and lungs got a break, but on flat terrain I still have to put in part of the effort, and inclines I was doing most of the effort. It really is just a boost.

It was still manageable, considering that I gave up at a little over 8 miles on a traditional manual bike.

As for the route, Google maps was kind enough to provide a bike friendly route with smaller hills than the massive hill on Banister Road- though two of the hills I did ride were not much less. One was very long but not as steep, and the other was equally steep but half as long. Maps even introduced me to a bike path I’d never used. It was a good ride in 60+ degree weather with the sun shining brightly.

As for my battery, I probably over consumed it figuring out how to navigate hills and stoplights, but it still comfortably made it home. Once I get more efficient and have more leg endurance it’ll get less of a power drain, and I could go much further.

I stopped twice. Once to avoid a heavy burst of traffic crossing Ward Parkway, and the second time was to take off my outer most layer to avoid being soggy from sweating. Otherwise I was able to ride straight through. It was nice to be able to ride that far. I’m definitely no marathon competitor, but I’m glad to know my legs are not as gimpy as I thought.

Once I got home, I went ahead and decorated my bike with holiday decor and battery operated led lights. That way if I end up riding before/after dark I’ll be amply visible. It’s not a problem when the sun is up more hours of the day!

Anyway, tomorrow there is a chance of rain, and Anya’s work schedule is very similar to mine, so I’ll drive us both to work at the same time. Wednesday will be my next chance to ride, and honestly after two long rides when I haven’t touched a non-stationary bike for years, I probably should take a day off. I don’t want to overdo it, and this is to help with transportation needs and fuel consumption, so I won’t have to ride every day, just every opportunity that is convient and manageable. If I get 4 or 5 days a week it’ll make up for my gym routine from before May, and accomplish both of the other goals too!

May you have good bikes, good rides, and perfect weather to enjoy. May you have fun figuring out new things. May you always have answers when you need them and the right tools for every situation. May you be patient with yourself, your life challenges, and with well meaning concerned friends. May you know everything will be alright no matter what, and above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

I’m so glad I got the E-Bike

I started the day making comfort foods for the holidays. I made vegan corn-starch-free pecan pie, GF puppy chow (trail mix and rice chex covered in chocolate and powdered sugar), macarons, s’mores squares (cocoa crispies with vegan marshmallow fluff) and peanut butter cookies. All very gentle on the system for most anyone, though lately my body really only wants salads, raw veggies and fruits. It can deal for a month or so, because that is how long it’s going to take us to consume it all! Besides, this post is about bicycling which will help me combat the extra calories.

Afert a break with Zen on my lap I got dressed warmly to take a bike ride.

Since my E-Bike wasn’t road ready yet (although very close) I decided to try the ride on our old Trek. It’s an 18 speed, which is very good for manual cycling on hilly roads.

That being said, the ride kicked my ass. I also discovered I horribly shorted myself on mileage last year with taxes. I was counting 8.5 miles one way, and it seems that where I stopped was 8.3, it was a point I thought was slightly over half way. Anyway, that spot where I finally gave up and stopped was Sprout’s. I chose to get ingredients to finish off the comfort food spread- pecan pie needs vanilla ice cream, so “So Delicious” brand helped me out with coconut milk based vanilla ice cream.

The worst part of the ride was a massive hill on Bannister Road about 2 miles from home (I know because when I stopped for breath, my fitness app told me I’d made it 2.1 miles. The hill was so stupid that I walked the last 150 feet. Let’s say I’m really glad I’ll have power assist on the E-Bike.

The only hiccup was at about mile 6, I did have to stop because the chain derailed on the front. It was an easy fix and I proceeded.

Anyway, it was good exercise, a good test run, and helped me figure out some things to be aware of. My route is fairly friendly other than the intense hills, as there were only 2 small stretches where I had to ride in the car lane. I discovered that even though my E-Bike has a chain guard, I should probably still make sure my right pant leg is secured. I also found out I need to keep a pair of work gloves in my portable equipment in case I need to deal with the chain. I also decided that I will make friends with sunglasses for the first time in a long time. My cheeks and eyes were the only parts of me that disliked the 50° weather today.

Anyway, Nathan ended up coming to get me so I didn’t have to make the full manual trek home. Once home I finished assembling my E-Bike and gave it a much shorter test run. It was fun and much faster than my manual pedaling alone. I’m looking forward to riding on all the sunny days, and now I need to figure out when to give it a solid round trip to work to know exact timing.

Now it’s dinner time and I’m fairly satisfied with a greater awareness of my current bicycling abilities, as well as a fully functional E-Bike ready for use.

May you have good bicycling days. May you manage your commute in pleasing ways. May you enjoy your exercise and find ways to fit it in easily. May everything always work out great. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti