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Burried Hatchets

FYI, anyone that actually reads this- kudos to you!!!

About 2.5 months ago I was solicited to purchase my domain with the China extension. I refused because I have yet to make anything off of this blog, and have such low readership that what I already pay for domain and hosting is hardly worth it. I couldn’t justify the cost of adding another extension. Even though they tried to convince me, I still refused because even though I am an American, I’m far from rich. The cost benefit scale was rediculously out of balance for me as an individual.

Anyway, since then, even if you Google or otherwise search my name or the blog itself it now falls fairly low on search results. Under my name, it falls even lower than images from a flicker account that is older than our teenager. Not only have I lost many of my regular readers, but I’m not even getting the sparatic views from all over the world. My blog has literally gone silent as far as any stats are concerned, which means I’m not even clearing any algorithms. So of my posts, approximately the last 40 have been largely unread by anyone, that takes you back to the New Year.

I point this out because it feels vendictive to me. I already fell so low on algorithms that there would have been literally thousands, if not millions, of blogs with much higher value, and thus much more likely to buy additional extensions. I myself have read many blogs with 10 times my readership and followers. So it boggled my mind as to why anyone would bother with mine. I have done nothing to anyone, and do my best to hide names and personal information about anyone I write about. The only identities I even slightly compromise are my own family, and even when I’m frustrated or upset I do my best to vent from a ‘harm none’ standpoint. So, with the low value scale for someone fishing to make money, and my low readership, and my efforts to be authentic yet still protect others, I’m simply dumbfounded. Perhaps it is someone with nothing better to do in their lives except crazy making for random strangers, and some stupid keyword was how I became their target. I don’t know.

I’m not in IT, do not have the skills to fix it, and really don’t have the resources to pay someone else to do so. Nathan has said he is going to try, and I’m going to reach out to WordPress to see if they are able to fix it.

Until then I suspect I will continue to write to no-one. It’s okay, it’s like when my blog was brand new 6 years ago, I just keep reminding myself that this blog is for me to write about what I want or need to. It is my space to express myself as best as I can. It is my safe space, and if I have no readers, then it is even safer.

If you did somehow actually manage to come across this post and read my blog, it would be nice to know I’m still showing up somewhere. I don’t need the validation, but sometimes it does give a little feel good boost, and I’m appreciative of all feel good boosts- regardless of the source.

Anyway, I really wanted to share my birthday fun with Nathan. The super crappy weather of my birthday week had caused it to be rescheduled, so we ended up going this afternoon.

We went to a place called “Bury the Hatchet” in Overland Park, Kansas. It was good fun, throwing hatchets at giant wooden targets. After a bit of basic instructions, and some practice, we played a round of “Black Jack” (goal to make 21 points) and two rounds of what they called “Area 51” (goal to count backwards from 51 to zero). It was a relatively inexpensive but really fun date outing. I had a blast and Nathan did too.

We knew that using hatchets can be physically taxing from our days cutting wood for heating our home. Yet, even when throwing them for fun it was really quite a bit of a workout. A great new way to exercise. I told Nathan it kinda makes me want to build a target in our backyard- we already have one hatchet and plenty of scrap lumber, I’d only need to buy a second hatchet and they’re about $20. Sounds like a good time to me. We’d just have to make certain that kids couldn’t find or reach hatchets when not in use. Hmmm….. 🤪😆

Here’s the pictures:

May you bury the hatchet in all ways, especially forgiving others when they’ve hurt you or messed with your blog. May you find fun outings to distract you from frustrations and boost your spirits. May you enjoy physical activity of all kinds. May you have plenty of physical activity. May you find that you enjoy life mostly, even and especially when you are writing for yourself. May you have fun adventures with loved ones. And above all, may you know that God loves and supports you no matter what.

Om Shanti


I have been writing for 5 years via this blog. Stats below. I have mixed emotions on that journey and the telling of my life, but I am proud to have stuck with the journey and accomplished such a feat.

At one point I was feeling the need for more anonymity and started another blog for that purpose. That blog has another 21 posts.

I don’t write on there often, and it has essentially defaulted to mostly poetry, but I thought it was time to join the two.

Until I figure out mechanics of that, follow this link:


May you have good writing experiences. May you find more than enough inspiration in your world as fodder to create wondrous things with. May you know that your words are noticed and comprehended by many. May you see your positive ripple in the world. May you know that God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Thank you.

I’m out with my husband for a shopping trip for Anya’s upcoming teenage birthday. I’ve had a full work week, with a schedule so full that only one or two appointments could even have been snugged in. It’s been a good week.

Anyway, in reviewing things which I had only briefly looked at previously, I realized I just reached 50 followers this week. I also discovered I’ve written 516 posts in the four and a half years of my blog, and I’ve had over 5,000 views! That makes it an even better week and leaves me doing a little happy dance, like Ian in this Google created gif.

My goal for this evening post shopping trip is to get a workout in and start some serious self care. The hazard of a bulgingly full week is it’s easy to not make enough time to stay ahead of my own bodywork needs. I must honor the work my body does for God and others and take care of myself, to even be able to continue using my gifts.

Anyway, despite being busy I do sincerely appreciate my readers and especially my 50 subscribers. Have a blessed and joyful weekend.

May you have abundantly full good weeks. May you have the ability to celebrate birthdays in the best ways. May you remember to take time for adequate self care. May you honor the work you do and especially it’s place in the universe and being of assistance to God. And if you blog: May you have an abundant flow of readers.

Siva Hir Su