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Coloring fun and presenting

My little Katherine has decided coloring is fun.

Ian likes to draw me pictures. Sometimes I can tell exactly what they are, sometimes it’s more abstract or one of his mazes based on a game he plays.

Katherine however, has decided that coloring is the way to go, and she’s quickly learning to color inside the lines. She went from full page scribbles one day to actual colored images the next. I caught myself saying, “when did she start doing that”, to acknowledge I had just seen one of the full page scribbles 2 days prior.

So I’ll share some pics I snapped of her new skills at the end.

I however, have used my slivers of spare time to produce a presentation. It will count as a 1 credit hour continuing education credit for dental hygienists. I will speak for roughly an hour and then field a Q&A afterwards. My topic: massage therapy for self-care/career longevity, and client assistance/retention. I think I have finished the power-point portion, though I still need several more run-throughs to feel comfortable, so there may need to be edits to accommodate better flow. Essentially though, I’m down to just practicing my speech. It’s scary but exciting. I have one week to practice as delivery will be next Wednesday evening.

It gives me jitters just thinking of it, because the DH association of Kansas City has approximately 1,000 members and potentially all of them could log on to the presentation. The largest presentation I have given prior was my veteran’s day assembly in 2018, and approximately 120 people were present for that. If all possible members attend, I will be speaking to a much larger group than I’m used to. Fortunately, because of Covid it is presented via Zoom, so I won’t see all of their faces at once. Whew. Still nervous, but less than if I was going to speak in an auditorium. I haven’t done that since my art history presentation in college (there were 250+ in that course and I totally rocked it). So, I may not speak in front of large groups often, but I’m no stranger either. I totally got this sh*t.

All fun aside, I am very honored to have had this requested of me. I appreciate very much the level of trust that is being placed in my abilities, skills, and knowledge. It feels very good to know that professionals of another field respect me enough to essentially do a short class on how my skills relate to their field. I’m thankful for the opportunity and experience and send prayers that everything flows smoothly and I remain fully articulate and meet or exceed everyone’s expectations. Cross your fingers that it goes well for everyone.

May you see the good in your children and find wonderful fulfilling additions to your work load. May you be surprised and delighted in as many ways as possible. May you enjoy creativity, especially when your kids demonstrate it. May you give yourself a little credit once in a while for the good things you do. May you know your skills and knowledge are appreciated by those around you. May you find that many other people respect you. Above all may you have fun, knowing God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

And so it begins…

HAL has begun sending me things to reinforce my last post. One of which is the following:

How to Move On: What It Really Means to Let Go: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-to-move-on-from-the-past-what-it-really-means-to-let-go/

I guess I will never understand fully because letting go and focusing on love seem to be the bigger message. I still wish I had some understanding.

Anyways, in moving on, I had a really good time today with 2 different co-workers during downtime.

I took a walk with the office manager and we had a really great conversation, with some much needed emotional release for both of us. Plus it helped me reach my step goals today. I was very appreciative of that time all around.

I also got to play a couple of games of “Magic the Gathering” with the one chiropractor. It’s a game I used to play with the brother that’s closest to me in age. It has been …. let’s see…. since early 2003 that I’ve played. That’s 16, almost 17, years. Wow!

I still have my cards from back then, but so much has changed that the new decks are much better, so he has been encouraging me to use his. I feel like I’m starting from scratch and completely relearning everything. It’s so fun though. I totally lost big time- on both games, but still enjoyed every bit of it.

I am so out of practice that the strategy feels over my head yet, but I get the concept. The layering of steps and which cards work better in what order can be very complex. I literally had a card in my hand that I’d been holding for several turns, but forgot to leave myself enough mana(land) to use it and it cost me the one game.

I enjoy learning so much though, and it is definitely a fun kind of learning, so it literally made me giddy at one point. I felt like I got silly hyper with the fun. That was a very much needed distraction from my previous focus.

As for learning: I’m still working on hindi and telegu in my spare time, but since I have no idea why God nudged me to do so (especially since I’m letting go of that person) , it’s at a very relaxed pace. I’m getting to where in hindi I can pick out letters and sound out words even though I know very few translations. Telegu I know more translations, but have fewer of the characters memorized. It’s merely a symptom of the different apps and how they teach languages. I like Duolingo and Drops, which both offer hindi, but neither offer telegu. The telegu apps are much less sophisticated, but still get the job done.

I’ve also begun the slow tedious process of becoming an approved continuing education provider for massage therapy. Essentially, the easy part is proving my qualifications to teach a handful of courses by documenting I have so many years working using said techniques, I also have a bachelor’s degree, which though they would prefer it to be related (a BS), it doesn’t hurt. Once I do that easy step, I literally have to follow rules and write my own curriculum which can be no more than 30% cited source material. Finally, once I’ve written everything, I can apply by submitting my CV and courses for approval; of course paying the appropriate exorbitant fees. They really try to dissuade people from becoming providers: can’t have too many teachers and too few students you know!

I’m not intimidated by the process in the least. Their basic calculation is 1200 words equals a credit unit. That’s a blog post for me, so I’m guessing I’ll have more trouble pairing down or figuring out how to subdivide my topics for multiple related courses. However, after having written the operations manual for my previous position, I’m certain I’m up to the task. It’s more about convincing myself to do the free work knowing that eventually I’ll recoup the benefit in paid courses with students in multiplicity.

I’m also contemplating the investment of a site where I can host web-based courses. Essentially, the text/testing coursework can be provided via web interface without practical hands on CE hours. Ultimately that helps spread the information side, but the CMT loses access to the extra CE’s for the hands on practicals. It’s a lower cost solution for both parties, but longterm it would benefit me as the provider more. It’s a huge up front investment, to also have to market like crazy, but longterm reaping significantly higher benefits. Ultimately, it will happen, but I’m not sure I’m ready for the investment side just yet. I’ll contemplate web platforms and do the math several times during my writing phase of this momentous step, and make my final decision during the application process.

Long story short, I’m having fun and learning and inching toward another significant step of improvement. All by my not-so-little own self. I feel like screaming “HA, Take That World!”… but alas I know no one would really truly care anyway. So, I’ll keep my ‘I win’ moment to myself, and relish that I know I’m the only one that gets credit for digging myself out of a decade of hardship…. me and God that is.

May you all have happy dances of overcoming obstacles. May you find kindness around you and moments of connection with others. May you find joy in continually learning and ways to share what you’ve already mastered. May you see God’s grace and support guiding you through all of life’s moments toward brighter futures.

Siva Hir Su

Progress, who needs progress.

Well, sort of. … I felt like I should be writing a general update, as it’s been a while. But there’s not really anything to report- at least in regards to the original reason for starting this blog.

The construction is at a dead standstill. No Supplies, no money for a while, and now no time either, and my back still being out isn’t helping. I don’t deal with chronic pain well, though I suspect I need to sit with Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” in addition to the manual therapies I’ve been doing on myself. I’m sure she has something to say about your mid-back seizing up right during a period of stress.

I have apologized profusely to my family repeatedly. It seems every time I try to fix anything it seems to get worse. I am doing my level best to honor that it’s a hard journey to begin with. I’ve repeated “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” more times than I can count. I’m still trying to convince myself that this is all life is ever going to be and it’s fine. Such a bleak outlook makes finding joy difficult at best, but Law of Attraction swears that’s what you’re supposed to do. Let go and find happy anyway.

I look to my matron deities Brighid of the Celtic pantheon, and Kali of the Hindu pantheon. They are both butt kicking creatrices in their own right, taking the dregs of the world in front of them, smashing and burning, to create something new and better. I’ve done the smashing and burning- literally! So, where’s the making of beauty?

Sadly, I don’t have the answer. I’ve fresh run out of answers for myself or anyone else.

I wish I did have answers. It’d be a whole lot easier. The messages I get seem to appear as answers, but at this point I think I’m having trouble with faith again. I’ll work on that too- my promise to myself was continue to do my best to improve in any way I can. It makes for a very long to-do list of self-improvement.

So, I’m continuing with the introspection- hence another blog post. I feel like this has become my journal. At the very least it helps me organize my jumbled thoughts and place them somewhere outside of myself for a bit. That helps.

So progress, sometimes it seems elusive, yet there’s always some form present.

Lets see….

I’ve made lots of progress  on self-care. Pretty much if I’ve been off work, I’ve done something in that category. Re-cap: cupping, stretches, received a great massage, inversion table, heat, ice, worked trigger points on myself. Rest- gads of that. I think I needed it the most. Yet my back is still very sore. The offending trigger points are along my abdominals and serratus muscles right under my ribs where the diaphragm attaches. I suspect the trigger points seized up and are pulling on my diaphragm causing the pulling sensation inside my back. So I’ve got to get the front & sides to drop tension, the ribs and vertebrae to relocate to their proper alignment, and then the painful nerve constriction should cease. Yet, I felt like I accomplished that twice this week, so perhaps now I must alleviate the energetic component so that it stays better. So OK, Ms. Hay, what ya got for me?… I’ll let you know if I find something in her writing that helps.

In the meantime, I got my Massage CEU’s taken care  of and my license renewal submitted to the state. I was actually expecting it to be a more painful process based on my original license application. I guess they figure if the first one is painful it will weed out the riff-raff and then subsequent renewals don’t need to be as obnoxious. Anyway, I did all 12 credits online since I’ve been financially behind the 8 ball indefinitely, it’s really the only way I can afford to do my CEU’s and bonus it lends itself to doing them last minute, which it seems is always a necessity budgetarily speaking. It made for a long day, but the result is another year before I need to even think about doing anything else. My National boards will be the next thing to come due, and that too will probably get put off until the last minute.

Wood was cut all day yesterday, and when all was said and done, I thought we would be good for a while. Except that it’s all soggy from being out in the open during the last couple of storms. I went to light this mornings fire, and went through several rounds of kindling with no actual fire resulting. Nathan then helped find some dryer wood and together we got a fire going. Then to compensate for dry time, he went and bought $20 worth of wood from a man in Gallatin. So now if we stack all the wet wood under all the dry wood, but the time we go to burn it, all should be well. Hopefully this round will be more than 3 days worth of wood (that’s what we’ve been averaging prior). Nathan and I keep commenting that we have no idea how some people can handle being professional lumber jacks, it’s kicking our butts.

Exercise continues, though at a much gentler pace this week.

I’m struggling with carbs and stress- they are a nasty pair that like to gang up on me and persuade me to do things I would have enough sense not to do otherwise.

Ian is talking non-stop. This morning he told me that he didn’t want that one [cartoon], he wanted “word party”, he didn’t like that one, and word party is fun. Geesh. Smart kids are hard, and a lot of work, and exhausting. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow, let alone by August when he turns 3. But I’m grateful that he is smart and strong, hopefully his life will be easier than mine.

Anya is Anya. She’s 11.5 years old going on the proverbial 15. She swings from being really helpful to really moody in a sneeze. I can’t please her, and my words bounce off of her as much as they do Ian. Yet somehow I feel like she really cares and is probably fighting her own new-hormone-induced demons.

Our Yule tree is slowly being dismantled, after having only had lights on it for about 2 weeks. The lights were taken off prematurely because it was after the first of the year, and I had to explain that is my rule when it goes up Thanksgiving weekend. It could have stayed up longer and been fine by me. But since the lights were off, we just left it that way to dry, slowly breaking branches off for kindling.  We now have a dead, half gone, scraggly tree in our living room! I don’t know weather to laugh or cry.

It’s tax season already, and I’ve barely put a dent in what needs to be done. Being self employed makes for much more obnoxious and time consuming taxes. C’est la vie! I’ll work on it a little at a time and they’ll still get turned in on time.

I got some music. Some via Google Play, some I checked out from the library. My playlists on my phone are already great, but I suspect adding a little more will make for some good drive time. I really do love music- playing, singing, or listening. Every commute is me singing and bopping my head to the music de jour, blasting via Bluetooth through loud speakers, while sailing down the highway. For some reason one particular mantra piece has been resonating intensely for me and many a commute has been it on repeat, singing at the top of my lungs- LISTEN HERE. Though I’ve also spent a fair amount of time with Deva Premal’s Gayatri Mantra. I think I get a little carried away, but I just feel so good singing along. That is the one place where strange looks don’t bother me. Go ahead and yuck it up at my expense, at least my commute was enjoyable for the most part. That and my lack of shaving, and my lack of wearing make-up, those are the only elements in my life where I feel like I’m invincible. For some reason, I don’t give one iota other’s opinions on those 3 topics. It’s too bad I can’t bleed some of that confidence over to other things.

Work is going ok. I had some rough scheduling moments last week, and missed a few of my residents. I’ll make it up this week. The newspaper route is going well, save for crappy weather. One night it was so windy that we kept having to chase the lightweight papers and re-throw or place them somewhere we knew to be safe. Another night we had negative temperatures, and even with boots and double layered socks, my toes still froze. And last night the ice wasn’t too bad until what would have been the last 20 min any other night. It took us 90 min to finish the last 20 of route and drive home (also usually 20 min), so the ice essentially double the last portion of our night.

We’re ploughing through fuel trying to make more money, so it looks like first chance I get, I’ll be buying a used hybrid. It will help with fuel consumption massively, but it means that any other plans will be delayed again. Just go with it – right?!

Chocolate is my friend of late, with coffee a close second. I can see Nathan is literally wearing himself out and I’m helpless to do anything to correct it. I have a very intense feeling of “no one listens to me” that I’ve yet to conquer. Ian is smack dab in the middle of his terrible two’s, and I want for nothing more than spring to come or a giant winning lottery ticket or to be held and comforted- but I’d definitely take all 3 and/or more (if God’s listening). – “Om Gum Ganapataya Namaha”

Wow, that’s a lot. Not the desired progress, but it’s something right? Life goes on. Make lemonade out of lemons. Sleep when you can. Enjoy what you can.

“I am where I am, and it’s okay, it’s alright. It has to be because it’s all I’ve got.” -Abraham Hicks