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Headwind sucks

It was a pretty intense ride this morning. Not cold just lots of wind straight to the face. I still made decent time, just couldn’t get the fun speeds of my test ride. Though I figured out how to ride with my body folded over to cut down on drag from the wind, that was interesting. This is definitely a very learning heavy experience, and the amazing J has told me of rider garments that will help as it gets even colder. They will be very helpful.

May you have good rides. May the wind be always at you back. May the roads be mostly downhill. May you enjoy your days mostly, and may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti


That was one of the very few plates on my way into work this morning as we drove through beautiful heavy wet snow. The building put up vital staff for the night, but me living close and being less vital, and also having mad bus driving skills from days in Iowa, I chose to go home for the night.

We woke this morning to inches of snow, very moist heavy destructive snow. No power because of fallen lines and tree limbs, but it was oh so beautiful. Snow still falling lightly at that point, made me want to cuddle in a blanket by the window.

I’m glad I went home though because it was beautiful going in this morning.

And yes God I see you here.

(Disclaimer: I was in the passenger seat for picture taking, we still only have one car, so Nathan is still playing chauffer to keep the car for his needs.)