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Drawing nearer.

I know baby is close now. I literally feel it, and it’s like she’s holding on for me to be ready. On one hand I’m grateful she’s not already surprised me, on the other hand I’m on the verge of panic because we’re so far from where I’d like to be.

It’s not that I can’t do things later after some down time with baby, it’s just that I really wanted some semblance of normal and pretty to resume for baby to arrive in. Right now, 1 room is done, 2 are very close, & our family/tv/exercise/art room is still an utter mess. I’m attempting to finish at least Ian’s room today, it’s so very close. Merely some trim and furniture and a curtain to call it ready. Then we can put all his stuff away & let him have his bed again.

Last night my panic got the better of me and despite knowing that my husband is struggling health wise again, I blew up at him over his slow pace & mistakes.

I know his blood pressure is really high again. He waited until it was really bad to tell me because he’s been trying to get the doctor’s office to respond. When they finally did yesterday they explained his Tribenzor medication had been removed from the assistance program, but the drug company had not notified them, and that was why they couldn’t get him refilled. He had an appointment this morning, and I have yet to see him, but he says they’ve given him new prescriptions to try & find cheaply on his own. I’m really hating this so called medical system we have.

Anyway, in my panicked frenzie post blow up, I accidentally nailed my finger. I was pushing, doing everything myself, and Hannah came down to try to talk to me. Between upset over the day’s progression, my sense of impending doom, and trying in vain to answer her questions, I missed the stud trying to nail corner trim in place, & it curved out the edge of the wood and directly into my finger.

Amazingly, it missed everything vital, somehow going right through the open spaces of my knuckle joint, so today it’s just stiff and sore with minimal bruising.

Anyway, if we actually get Ian’s room finished this afternoon, I’ll post pictures later. I’m probably going to keep his bed at normal height for now because it’ll take more power tools & lumber to convert it to loft height. Not on the list for today.

1 step closer.

This will be a really short update on construction. Baby is still not here yet, but I’ve had many people note that “baby has dropped”, which is usually an indication the end is nearing.

Our’s & baby’s bedroom before- note unfinished wall far right:

Same space afterwards- multiple views:

My son’s bed & dresser didn’t really fit without feeling crowded, still he’ll be in the other room that was intended as a playroom.

That space “kids room” before:

The “kids room” currently:

Walls have been washed since the pictures, but still need trimmed out to look like our bedroom.

We also have 1 more panel to cut to wrap the furnace, 2 to finish out the tub room, then panneling will be completely finished.

Last night brought plumbing issues that threatened my diligent work, so 5am tears were shed & quick cleanup started. I had to leave for work entrusting that Nathan & Hannah & teens would ensure full & hasty cleanup. I left Nathan with cash originally intended for baby stuff, in case a plumber needed called.

I’m fairly certain my 3 year old son is at fault, probability having flushed something that shouldn’t have, mainly because the problem started out of nowhere. Frustrating me further because my son is so smart that 3 adults and 3 teens can’t keep up with him and his desire to know how everything works. But I suppose his intelligence will someday be less testing and more fruitful.

I’m hoping I get back to everything being solved and cleaned up, sanitized, and fans running to dry everything out quickly. Crossing fingers. If it is, we’ll be able to finish everything vital next week, as 3 panels and a bunch of trim should hang in roughly a day. *sigh* almost there.

Almost there.

So I’m inching closer to baby being here, and doing my best to inch closer to being done with room construction.

Last Tuesday I spent all day long- 5:30 am to about 7:30 pm completing the majority of the electrical needs for the new rooms. Anger, worry, and frustration got me started so early, and pure determination kept me moving.

I ran a new line for the 5 sockets/recepticals on the new wall, and used an existing line to split off for 3 new light fixtures & 2 other recepticals. With all of our low amp gadgets and toys these days, I figured the 20amp lines would do OK with those additions, especially since the light fixtures now have LED bulbs. The new line still needs set into the breaker box, and the ceiling fan (1 of the 3 fixtures) needs mounted, but everything else is complete.

The next step was to start installing panelling. Nathan started that and Hannah did her best to help, but neither had done it before, so there were some cutting errors. So last night I did my best to solve the errors to avoid needing to replace panels, and after a brief melt-down, managed to do so. We then proceeded to finish panelling the wall & Hannah and Nathan placed 2 panels in the kids room. Things are moving along.

All that’s left to call our master bedroom (2nd master for the house now) complete is to hang 2 panels, install the ceiling fan, mount all the trim, & hang a door (or 2) in the wide doorway. Nathan & Hannah said they’d try to get trim down today, & since I work all day ( until about 7:30pm), that’s a good thing. Whatever they don’t get to, I will get another chance Monday evening.

I will again have all day Tuesday as well, so perhaps we’ll be able to finish everything for real this time. If not, we at least have enough that we can set-up for birth & baby.

I am sooo looking forward to normal and calm returning. I have found a new level of functional exhausted that I previously thought was impossible; having had periods of functional exhausted several times in my life I thought I’d already experienced my limits. Yet, this time I have a more finite time frame to exist in this manner, and knowing the end is near and time off will be available, I keep persisting. All will pay off soon.

And now for the pictures…

Last view I showed in my previous post:

Hannah assembling our new bed… Nathan helped but stopped to snap a pic.:

Panelling in progress, with electrical already in place (apparently no one snapped a picture of me doing the electrical, or the end result):

Pregnant Me hanging panels:

New wall panels completed (outside & inside):

The dusty dingy look is the sawdust on the panels & it’ll wash of easily. It looks great & will look perfect once trim is up over cracks & ceiling/floor borders.

I will have something pretty for the first time in 2 years and I’ll have running water again. I honestly owe it to my personal faith in god and working with the Shiva & KaliMa archetypes these last 2 years. I asked for help in making things pretty again and the divine is doing just that. I’m ever so grateful. Everything is going to be OK and life is improving. Thank you. Siva hir su.

Moving faster…

So, I’m now past the safe home delivery point. I’m officially at 38 weeks, and crunch time is on. I literally could safely give birth any day.

Though I have a bed, and we can still utilize the original backup plan for my water birth, we’re really hoping that our more permanent bedroom is situated by birth, and thus a ready comfy birth suit available.

To that end, we’ve been working like mad to carry out the plans to adjust Miss Hannah’s basement & get full move in ready. I have to say I’m utterly grateful for their offer, and especially for their help. Her and her boys have done so much hands on work, that we couldn’t have accomplished otherwise, especially with me working so many long hours.

Things are moving so much faster and more smoothly than they have for the last 2 years. There have still been glitches, but much more minor, and easier to overcome (less time consuming as well).

Bonus, so far most of the supplies have been things that were originally intended for the trailer remodel, so there’s been little expense so far (mostly paint and carpet squares). This has been an excellent element because we’ve again dumped about a thousand dollars on vehicles repairs.

I’m so over driving long distances all the time.

Since we’ve had such spectacular progress I thought I’d share some images and descriptions.


Hannah & her boys emptied the space to be our bedroom and put a coat of concrete sealing paint on.

Nathan painted the ceiling and Hannah’s boys and Anya did touch-ups where the sprayer missed. The fluorescent light fixture will get swapped out with one’s I’d intended for the trailer.

Nathan ready for spraying the ceiling:

Before touch-ups:

Hannah & kids helped me glue the bottom studs for the new wall. We had to hold them in place long enough for the glue to grab, then weighted them to sit for 24 hours to dry fully.

The salvage flooring went down. Team effort by all except me. Hannah puttied cracks since it didn’t go back as nicely as new flooring would have.

Nathan & Anya:

Teens helping:

Hannah puttying:

Flooring nearing completion, it was time to build the wall so that trim could soon be installed to finish the floor.

I started the studs last night, and Nathan added to them today based on my markings. The last few studs I’ll have to complete after work tomorrow (mainly because I know where they’re needed to place panels- a live action tetris game).

I feel fairly ridiculous looking in those pictures, geesh….

This is the wall after Nathan’s additions today.

The area below, with all the belongings piled up, will eventually be organized into a family room type area with art space & exercise stuff behind (dark far corners of the picture).

Once the studs are up, paneling will go up fast. I’m thinking we could almost get it done on Tuesday when I’m off. The catch is that I need to leave panels off one side of the wall to run new electrical sockets in it, & accommodate moving the wall switch for the bedroom light fixture. However, as long as the bedroom side is paneled & trimmed, we can assemble our bedroom furniture. It’s 13×15 feet, & tentatively I think we’ll fit our bed, baby crib, & Ian’s bed, and most supplemental furniture (dressers/closets). However, anything that doesn’t fit will be in the little kids room.

Furniture is already available, but piled other places until the room is ready. I’ll have a truly new bed for the first time in years, & this is the first time everyone will all have their own actual dressers in years, all-be-it used (before we shared and supplemented with Rubbermaid drawers). Now we’ve found dressers to accommodate everyone, & the baby dresser that was given to us doubles as a changing table.


Finally, we will be to finish the little kids room and what will be my tub & storage room.

For the kids room I literally just need to adjust wall sockets, updating 2 of them to 3-prong (raising them higher out of toddler reach in the process), then hang paneling, trim everything out, & lay carpet squares.

This is the room before:

& yes the wall paneling will hide the furnace.

My tub-room/storage-closet, really just needs fully painted, the one wall paneled, & curtains hung in front of the shelving (on the right in this picture), water-heater (foreground), and furnace (far left of water-heater). The entrance to the room is by the furnace & it’s a small space (about 8×8), so this is unfortunately the best picture of the whole room.

The teen’s already started the painting, getting most of the two walls and shelves done. Little Ian helped some too.

He apparently loved feeling like he was helping.

The 2 panels for that one wall will go up quick and easy, and the floor needs a coat of the sealing paint & the room will be ready for curtains & tub. It will be a cozy quiet space for me to relax occasionally.

This is 2 shots of the basement bathroom. I adjusted existing shelves to create more storage, hanging the one set on the wall with hooks below for towels. I also caulked the tub. It does still need the sink glued in place (a forgotten step/oops by the original installer), & the toilet needs basic maintenance.

I’ll probably paint the board the hooks were hung with, but it’s a low priority, left for last or a teen needing something to do.

I’m very excited, because when all is said and done we’ll have nearly twice the living space we’ve had for the last 2 years, & that’s with sharing a kitchen and living room with another family. We’ll also have running water, and that is just amazingly awesome to me. Little Ian has already enjoyed a few baths with Miss Hannah’s help and he’s loving being able to take them again. I don’t blame him, I missed them too!

So, all that to say we’re headed to another step of improvement being completed. Another rung on the journey of life. *sigh* This is good. All is well.

Living La Vida Loca- Enrique Iglesias

I feel that song quote fits this quick update. I felt like I needed to post an update, but I have precious little time to do so, so a quickie on my lunch break will have to do.

  1. Visited Dad Sunday into Monday. Very surreal, but very needed. He sent me off with gifts of protection, sustenance, and a sentimental returned gift from my childhood. I can’t help but wonder if there is more to the gifts than meets the eye, but only time will tell that. Everyone was on their best behavior and despite my fathers harsh presence at times in the past, we got through the visit with nary an argument. It was very surreal, but in the best way possible, especially considering everything in my family’s history.
  2. Garden is growing great, with all the rain everything is doing wonderful. I haven’t had time to take pictures, so I’ll have to do that this weekend, probably when I go to mow the lawn again.
  3. Another chicken died of natural causes, but that hasn’t affect egg production. Now that the weather is nice again were getting 3 to 4 dozen eggs a day. I’ll be delivering 10 dozen to a friend this evening. She’s going to make mini-quiches to put in the fridge and freezer at work for the low income high-schoolers that intern at her work. She says they typically have whatever leftovers or chips are available in their break-room for breakfast, so this will actually be a healthy breakfast for them now. I’m glad our abundance in eggs will help kids that need it.
  4. I’ve been working long days to accommodate fewer days in the city. So far it has helped get caught up on basic chores and do things like the visit to Dad. However, I’ve planned 13 long work days (14-15 hours) in June to enable 17 mostly open days for construction. It’ll be interesting to see if: A) I can stick to it; and B) if it produces the results I’m hoping for.
  5. The construction plan has shifted. Essentially, in a quick synopsis: The rotten wood and siding replacement on the mobile home was pushing the budget over 5 grand extra just to do the outside, and that was if I did everything myself. However, I can get a 8’W x 45’L x 9’T (foot) shipping container for $2200, so 2 shipping containers would be much more square footage and not only save me a little money, but a lot of time. So the new plan is get 1 shipping container and get it built with allowances for a second one to be attached later. I can use everything that was started and collected for the mobile home, and pull the rest of the usable materials from the mobile home. Thus saving even more time and money. In the short term it’ll be a very small space for us to get used to, but it will enable land, well and septic to happen faster, and in the long run we could end up with a very nice spacious home made of 2 or 3 containers attached in a variety of options. Also, if I can get it delivered quickly, I could potentially have a large portion of the construction done by the end of June because of all the days I took off. It’s essentially almost twice the time allotted for all of the construction we did last year. Then if I managed to do the same in July we could have a nice home in a little over 2 months. The biggest hiccup will be paying for the remainder of the needed supplies. I won’t have much to spare, so I foresee playing the “hop the Habitat Restore stores” game for the rest of the cabinets, electrical, plumbing, and fixtures, and even as much of the raw lumber as possible. There are a few elements I will have to purchase new (kitchen counter) so I have to leave some cushion for those items. It’ll be tight, but I think it will speed things up considerably. Now, if I can just get the shipping container guy to call or email me back.
  6. Anya’s birthday is coming up soon, and even though we got her a phone, I feel I need to do something special to show her how much we appreciate everything she does for us. She’s headed to the Ozarks as I write this, to spend time with a friend’s family at the lake. They are in our home-school group and really good people, so I think it’ll be a good time. She’s gone until Monday, so it’ll be an extra long weekend for me! Anyway, I’m thinking of doing a Coco-Keys water-park hotel stay for her and a few friends. It’ll be 2 rooms with me and one other mom and 5 or 6 girls. Again, pushing my budget, but I need to show her we love her and care about her, and I can’t think of anything she’d like more. Now to schedule the reservation- it’s on my list of things to do today.
  7. All the “normal stuff”: mow, tend garden, clean, dishes, work on thinning  out our storage unit/purging, laundry, cats, chickens… I’m sure that’s not even everything, but my lunch break is up, so I’ll just have to write another post this weekend. A crazy life for a crazy wonderful family doing our best to survive this crazy world (and that’s not even considering anything politically or societally!).

Progress thanks to a really great friend! 

So last  time we finished working. The bathroom looked like this: 

Essentially just an 80% completed  floor.

Now it’s much better. 

First we tested my tub that we got way back in January.  I know, right- you’d have thought we’d test it sooner! I knew the pump worked because Habitat Restore had tested that.  I just needed to know  if it leaked before putting it in my brand new bathroom. So testing: it was perfect!  So much so, that I took a fridgidly cold bath just to relish in my new tub. (Sorry not posting myself naked in the tub- haha!)

I can’t tell you how happy having a nice tub makes me. I’ve never in my adult life had a nice tub that I could really soak well in, & that’s not the favorite because I benefit so much from Epsom Salt baths. All previous tubs  were  only ever big enough for waist down soaking.  I’m so happy I have this one now!

So that being said,  it’s not actually usable yet,  but much, much closer. 

I got up at 10am this morning after about 2.5 hours of sleep post route. I immediately got in motion to start working knowing that’d I’d have help after about 3pm.

I was able to finish the subfloor on my own before help arrived.  

Then… Ta Da! Poof:  Nathan (my husband)  and Nate (our amazing friend show up).

We set right in to placing studs. 

We got all the stud walls up and the tub in its approximate location. 

Then we started hanging the paneling backer board. Once upon a time (about 10 years ago)  you could buy pvc paneling that was rigid corrugated sheets (I know because I did back then). Now if you want the benefit of waterproof pvc panels, you’re limited to thin flimsy crap. So,  you have to hang backer board, vapor seal it, & then glue the thin pvc panels on the exterior.  Much more work, more time consuming,  & more costly. Rawr!

Needless to say,  we got most but not all of the backer MDF up. We’ll finish another day & vapor seal so we can get the pvc up on yet another day.

However, despite the less than desireable paneling issue, I’m happy to say we now have some interior walls again. Enough to use the toilet in peace.

I wish I were a team of construction workers,  but I’m not.  So I really, really, really, really appreciated the help from our most amazing and wonderful friend Nate! I wouldn’t have gotten that much done today without him. Thank you & many, many blessings for your kindness & generosity!


What the duck!

This weekend has yet to yield any construction progress.  However,  it did result in additions to our family. 
Welcome Duck.

My son Ian loves the cartoon “Sarah & Duck”, so he immediately yelled Duck  upon seeing our new friend.  & even with his gleeful excitement he was gentle in petting duck.

We set duck up with his own small temporary partition in the chicken coop. Once he learns this is his new home we can take down the partition.  Or at that point use it for introducing the chicks.  


We also welcomed 2 kittens today.  We have yet to name them. The Orange one is slightly older & supposed to be a good mouser, so he’ll be an outside kitty. 

The younger black kitten is very affectionate & let Ian love on him,  so he’ll be a new inside baby. He’s a very happy easy going kitten. 

I think this weekend’s additions helped boost morale in our little family.  Since construction is going so slow,  we’ll be moving into the 3rd mobile home on the property. It was our friend Jennifer’s step-dad’s house,  but due to health problems recently- he’s moved into a nearby town to be closer to his friends and church community.  Luckily for us that means some cleaning & moving of our stuff & we’ll  be in warmth again.  

Something that is good despite my preferences.  I’d so hoped  to be further along on construction by now.

On the 18th we may have some significant progress.  A couple of our friends are planning to ask their men’s group to come out & help with the labor end.  It’ll at least get the bathroom up; which makes me heave a sigh of relief. 

I’ll take all the help that others are willing to provide.  Thank you universe & friends,  it’s most appreciated.  Now if I could just come up with 66 sheets of plywood (to go with my stack of Windows)  we could get the exterior started too!

One step at a time. 

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

So this week I saw a female Stag Beetle, outside our new door. I thought it was a mid-western scarab/dung beetle. They are not one and the same, however, they are related. I discovered in finding info on this beetle that I may have inadvertently upset it’s ecosystem in replacing the door and rotten frame, because the larvae feed on rotten wood.

see: discover MO

I find it interesting though that these and scarabs make quick work of rubbish, turning it into a life sustaining substance. It really is symbolic of the cycle of life, but of course that is why the Egyptians liked Scarabs so much. It is rather gratifying to see a symbol appear that reinforces that I am on the right track remodeling this mobile home.

However, it is quite the journey, and I’m not a master of anything. This week I was reminded of that when talking with a client about jewelry. She normally sells non-jewelry accessories on e-bay, and I was helping her with a couple of bracelets she had come into. She didn’t know how to go about looking them up for resale and I was filling her in. She asked me how I knew about jewelry and I explained that I had made jewelry when in college. One of the perks of being an art student. I then explained that I hadn’t made any substantial pieces in 10 years, and that I was rusty (pun intended) on some things.

I let her know that I may know a lot of things on a lot of subjects, but I by no means know everything on everything, and I am most definitely not a master of anything. The closest I come to mastery is massage, and even in that my knowledge is still limited.

Regardless, I appreciate the sentiment. It does fluff my ego a little bit, especially since I tend to be very hard on myself.


This week I patched another hole in the sub-floor. That leaves one section left to deal with.Then I will be able to start the real construction! Happy dance.


So this is the progression. Before starting to finished.


Nathan swears that it is hot to see me working. Even in the disposable dust  suit. He keeps suggesting that if it isn’t already a fetish we should create one around women using power tools and doing construction. That idea just makes me laugh.

So what will end up being the living-room is now fully sub-floored. Hooray! I think that makes 5/200ths of the project done! 😉


17 days huh… that went fast!

So WordPress has informed me that it’s been 17days since I’ve posted.  That’s a problem for a couple of reasons. 

1) I promised that I was going to write once a week: to myself and Nathan for sure,  but I believe I even made that commitment in one of my first posts.

2) I thought it was just a week. That time seemed to just fly by, I’ve been so busy!

     Working for money,  working for free,  sleeping,  eating,  hygiene, trying to stay cool,  trying to maintain sanity,  and taking care of kids- I believe I even listed those in order of accomplished priority.  Nathan has definitely been the lead parent in child care lately – give him kudos- especially since I’ve lost my sanity a few times in the last 2 weeks. 


It’s been hot.  Over 90° most days, which isn’t too bad if you’re in A.C.  (working for money), but sucks horribly if  you’re  not in A.C.  (working for free/taking care of kids). The mobile home doesn’t have A.C. and that’s our project to fix it enough to enable A.C.- is broached 105° inside the mobile home several days, and was cooler  outside in the shade . Our good friend and neighbor Jennifer does though,  so she’s literally been preventing heat stroke. Major gratitude is present here. 

Despite all of that,  I built a chicken coop (Nathan and Jennifer did the screen,  roof,  & part of the siding), small porch  (Nathan helped hold pieces as I assembled them), tore down an old door, fixed rotten framing,  and rehung new-to-me storm and solid door (again Nathan helped hold things and pass tools).

We are now the proud owners of 38 chickens and able to go and come without bungee cords or cinder blocks.


In all of that my droid phone of 2 years gave out & finally had to be replaced.  I now have a new excellent phone & I’m able to take pics and blog again.  So here goes the pictures side of this update. 

Door & steps before fix (door held shut with either bungees or cinder block & steps so wobbly we have fallen more than once): 

Doors after fix- works perfectly: 

Steps- much, much better:

Free-built-Coop & chickens:

The fridge-raised-bed I referenced last post is doing great as well:

& flowers are blbloomin’:

I would say it has been a very productive & very busy couple of weeks. I still need to do another harvest on the garden, & the door/ steps project was only about 1/200th of the remodel, but I’m feeling good with what I did get done this round.!

Moved, still working.

Progress is slow at times, but any forward motion is still progress. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, because if things are not going as planned I stress because I have forgotten that sentiment.

We’ve moved into the not ready mobile home. It was a solution for wasting both time and money, however, it has pushed all of my buttons to the max. We’ve had excessive heat on top of the other stresses, so I’m having to distract myself as much as possible.

We have a friend in Smithville that has a pool, and she’s been kind enough to let us go swimming a couple of times, and follow swimming with a nice refreshing shower. I can’t tell you how much that alone has helped this week.

Work on home itself has nearly crawled to a halt. I have supplies for the next step, but it’s a matter of either working while it’s exhaustingly hot, or trying to save enough energy for when it’s not so ridiculously hot= neither of which we’ve managed to do successfully.

What we have gotten done though:

  1. The trash pile is shrinking. We’ve taken bags to local dumpsters that we got permission to use limitedly- as in a bag or 2 a day, not everything we have. We also took a load to the nearest Landfill, which happens to be in Saint Joseph. If it weren’t so far away, we’d have had more than one load hauled by now. Being it is a 50 min drive, I have to allow 5 hours to load, drive, unload, and drive back. Fortunately, it only costs $20 per load, so a few more of those and all the trash will be gone. That equals happiness!
  2. I have been able to get the garden decorated nicely. Now there are a multiplicity of bird feeders, both store bought and home-made. Momma bird, I’ve been told is a Carolina Wren, and she didn’t like me being so close to her house, but she’s enjoyed the feed once I was done!



  3. We got a new to us swing and trampoline and hauled them out. We haven’t set the trampoline up yet, because we want to put it where the trash pile currently is. The goal is to have that spot cleared out and cleaned up within the next couple of weeks, then the trampoline only takes about 30 min to set-up. Anyway, this is the swing, pardon the tote and towel. I snapped the picture after Ian had been playing in water in the tote like a kiddy pool. You’d think I would have just bought a little pool for him, but it’s been on the bottom of my priority list.20160611_180648
  4. I’ve harvested from the garden a couple of times. We’ve gotten lettuce greens of 2 varieties, kale of 3 varieties, Brussel-sprout greens, Beet greens, and raddish greens, beans/snap peas,  raddishes, spinach, and pok choy. The raddishes and beets went to flower, so I had to cut all of them way back, but I think they’re doing great otherwise. We have a small green caterpillar that has really enjoyed eating our spinach and pok choy, but I don’t mind sharing a little of our plentiful garden. I tried pulling one of the carrots, and it was too small to even count as a baby carrot yet, but growing heartily. We watered the garden several times, but I think it’s about time to provide some fertilizer to encourage growth. The herbs are slowly catching up with the rest of the garden, so the fertilizer would help that along nicely.


  5. Flowers are blooming too! I’ve got wild flowers, marigolds (calendula), fuscia, and poppies all in bloom. And I found out the blue flowers I referenced a couple of weeks ago is called spiderwort and is a medicinal wild flower!


  6. We’ve got wildlife galore. I put out feeders that are oriole and wren friendly. I’ve got some for finches, and wood peckers, and a general wild bird food. Mrs. Wren has built a home in the one bird house, and I’ve seen some other birds examining the 2nd bird house. I’ve seen cardinals, blue jays, vultures, Blue Herons, Owls, and Hawks. Something ate some of the lettuce, and we’ve seen King Snakes and lots of Deer. We even had several Luna Moths grace our presence during their week of mating! I love the nature here!


  7.  We went to haul water, and the tank didn’t quite fit on the utility trailer because of the dimensions of the 2 x 4 sides I built, so I threw together a frame out of 2 x  12’s for the tank to rest on. It worked perfectly and we’ve been able to haul water for the animals and Jennifer twice now.
  8. The ticks are horrendously bad this year, every time I went to work outside I found myself picking them off my legs left and right, and still ended up finding a couple later on. It was bad enough that when I told my friend Becky, she said chickens and guinea hens eat ticks. I was so sick of the ticks at that point, I said done, getting chickens ASAP! Jennifer knows someone that can get her 50 of them for almost nothing by next week. So today was building the coop day. I’m almost half done, and again using free scrap wood and bits that came from the house. It won’t be pretty, but it’ll function like every other chicken coop ever built. I wish there was  an award for ingenuity in using trash to build functional structures. Between the wood hutch and chicken coop, I think I’d win! I’ll post pics of the coop when it’s done (hopefully tomorrow evening= if it stops raining to finish it).
  9. Beyond that we’ve done laundry, I’ve worked at my contract buildings, I replaced the battery on my scooter, put the storage compartment back on the scooter, taken the van in for a tune up, and done all the regular tid=bits of everyday life that have always existed. I think that’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

So, NOT the major home remodeling accomplishments that I’d hoped I’d be reporting by now, BUT we have done stuff. It’s still that forward motion I referenced earlier. I’ll just keep chugging away, and one day, it’ll be a great comfy cozy home. Just have to maintain my sanity for now.