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Screamless Dream

So that dream I mentioned in my last post: kinda funny. Nathan said I had to post it and request feedback & interpretations. So here that goes. 

I’m standing outside,  broad daylight,  current weather (in my sleep I thought it was that day). I see the mountain lion crest the embankment to the north, headed toward the road. 

I yelled for Nathan:  “You gotta come see her,  she’s beautiful.”

At that point she looks at me and heads my direction. 

Just then Nathan comes out of the other door and sees her headed toward me. He exclaims “uh, Treasa, what ya doing!”

I confidently say: “It’s ok,  I doubt she’ll get too close in broad daylight.”

Just as I say that the mountain lion gets within about 5 feet. I say “Ok, that’s close enough.” She takes one more step & I use my shirt to “puff up” and look bigger, at which point I climb the steps backward (which btw, the house we’re in right now only has 1 set of steps).

Momma cougar then decides I’m too much work (or some such thought)  and walks over to Nathan,  who’s still on the front steps. Nathan exclaims “uh, Treasa!”.

I tell him “puff up like I did”, at which point he does. Momma lion  keeps walking toward him up the steps. Nathan says my name again very nervously. 

I tell Nathan,  come on,  she’s just trying to sniff you.  Keep looking big,  & she’ll give up & leave you alone. 

Except she didn’t.  She went all the way,  and stood up & put her paws on Nathan’s shoulders.  Nathan said my name again very loud & very nervously. 

I say “Awe, pet the nice kitty”.

He reaches his hand out very slowly and shakily & scratches her cheek.

She gives him a big huge lick from chin to forehead, gets down, walks down the steps into the yard and just sits looking back & forth at both of us- like a dog wanting a treat. 

That’s when I woke up. I had the sense upon waking that I am the mountain lion. 

What do you think? 

Kitties: big & small.

This weekend it got really cold again. Nathan decided to bring Buddy & Missy inside, & despite our limited space,  I can’t say it bothered me.  they are just so cute & cuddly. I’ve now had 2 nights in a row where I’ve slept covered in kittens.  It’s wonderful.  

Mara (old lady Brown tabby)  is tolerating Buddy & Missy because she’s just so darn cold.

Tom (Orange tabby)  has become best friends with Salem.  They love to play, and I’ve now caught them cuddling like this several times. Salem isn’t fond of Buddy  & Missy just yet. 

Aldwin also is having trouble accepting Buddy & Missy,  but has no problem with Ian.  I  love that Ian now has a little furry friend that enjoys being such. 

Now “what big kitty?”,  you might ask.

This evening at 7:30pm we were commencing to get ready for our early bedtime pre-route. I heard a noise from the North side of the house that at first I thought was a screech owl in the distance.  As it got closer I realized it was far too loud & deep for a screech owl. I also realize I’ve heard this sound before off in the distance. 

I told Nathan it sounds like someone screaming,  we better go check it out,  as by this point it sounded like it was on the far side of our driveway. 

We charge out after the sound, with only my phone led as a flashlight.  Chase the sound across Jennifer’s driveway,  at which point I see eyes looking at us. It lingered for mere seconds before darting across the road, into the tall grasses, to the nearby pond area. 

At that point Nathan remembers that someone in Gallatin had told him cougars sound like a woman screaming.  GREAT! So we do what any self-respecting people would do: quickly & cautiously, yet noisely, retreat without running- no need to trigger this big kitty’s chase prey response. 

Upon being safely inside I Google cougar screams. Sure enough that’s exactly what it was. … see here

  1. We were within about 100 feet of a Mountain Lion! 
  2. I learn that lady kitties scream like that to attract a male during mating season. 
  3. Mountain Lions can leap 15 ft high or 40 ft long… So we were scary close.
  4. They can run up to about  30 mph.  We were definitely too close!

Lesson learned.  I tell Anya: chickens definitely need to be secured by dusk,  & no more playing outside after chickens are in. I then filled her in on safe ways to deter big cat attacks: make noise, make yourself look bigger,  never let the cat behind you, use light if possible (cats have very sensitive eyesight & light in their eyes can be uncomfortable enough to make them leave- as worked this time)  & retreat as quickly as possible without running (if you run they assume you are prey & will chase to kill).

I had no idea there were active cats around  us. I think it’s way cool, but I’m aware of the possible risks & I’m very glad we decided to bring Buddy & Missy in. 

The cat energy is strong with us right now! May blessings abound!