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Back to Working

After returning from Cleveland, we did our regular Sunday morning paper route. Then commenced with resuming our GIANT project. This is definitely the project of all projects. I keep finding myself apologizing to my family because it’s such a huge undertaking. I just keep repeating: this is the only way I’ve ever found to ensure that I’ll be able to have a pretty home of my own for once.

In a conversation with Anya I had to extrapolate this endeavor out so that it meant something for her. Essentially I explained that by the time she has graduated from college, we would be able to find her a piece of property of her own, and build her a house of her own on it the same way we’re doing with the current one. She could live with us the whole time, and in the end she’ll have a fully paid home of her own that no one would be able to take from her as long as she paid the property taxes. We then had to break mortgages down for her, using both sets of grandparents as examples, to really hit home how that is huge and a lifelong pursuit for many people. Both sets of her grandparents still owe tens of thousands on their houses, and one set has had their house for over 20 years, and the other set has had theirs for 33 years. It really is something that most people never escape from.

Anyway, I think she got the point because she again acknowledged that she is on board and will do her best not only to stick it out, but help as much as she can. I reminded her that this will be one huge homeschooling endeavor as well and she’ll get to learn how to build things for real.

So, back to resuming… Nathan worked on fnishing the ceiling tear down. He almost made it before running out of energy. Just the last 2 sections, and a bit around the wood stove are left.


Anya and I worked on stuff in the yard. We pulled pieces from the junk pile to use in building a wood hutch. I figure it’s going to be outside, and simply there to keep the wood piles tidy and dry, so it doesn’t ┬áneed to be constructed with brand new materials. I pulled a mess of the old 2×2 studs from the trailer and 4 old doors, and for the roof I’ll be using an old abandoned truck topper. Next week we’ll attempt to get it assembled so that I can show you a picture.

After that we took a look at the garden. I have things growing already! Despite dropping just below freezing twice this week, I still had sprouts. Way more than I expected even! I’m so excited, I think I did a great job with putting compost and soil in, I really didn’t expect dollar store seeds to sprout this well or this soon! I watered them to make sure that love keeps going.

Finally Monday we revisited the tree we’re cutting down. We got a lot done!

We have felled all but one of the trunks and that one we’re waiting on the boat to get moved so it doesn’t fall on the boat. Of the trunks that are on the ground there are only about 4 really big pieces left to carve up. Otherwise it’s all small stuff. I think 2 or 3 more visit and we’ll be done! It’d go faster, but being I’m not a professional lumberjack, I get too tired after about 3 to 4 hours of work. I have to quit when my fatigue becomes unsafe with chainsaws!


Why do I think I can do this?

OKay,  so on the surface this definitely seems to be a truly stupidly crazy undertaking,  especially to take a family along. So why on earth would I do it?

As I wrote in my first post,  I definitely have qualities in my personality that mirror Kali-Ma. Something that my husband says he no longer fears.  I essentially hit a breaking  point,  & everything is destroyed so I can start over fresh.  Sometimes it results in improvement,  hands down. Sometimes, it seems more of a sideways change that just buys me some sanity time.

Either way, it keeps me from falling off the deep end permanently.

Is change hard?  Most definitely!
It it worth it? Certainly!

Now, this confidence didn’t come overnight.

One landlord let us work of rent repairing her houses,  but wanted repairs to be cosmetic & quick.  Thus, many times we found ourselves saying – shouldn’t this be done differently? The answer was always yes,  but that’s not what she wants – gotta do what the boss orders.

Another landlord gave us the same deal,  but actually had us do the work the right way.  We learned much more useful skills with her projects.

Then there was the 3 sheds & 3 decks I helped my dad build as a kid. A frightening stressful endeavor,  but which gave me skills I’ve used many times  over.

Then several roof repairs/maintenance both on my parents homes,  & my first mobile home.

My first mobile home I bought when I was in college.  I remodeled the bathroom,  put  in new flooring,  replaced the kitchen sink & faucets, & light fixtures.  Replaced electrical,  & painted.  It ended up being down right beautiful on the inside,  but was still just as plain (ugly) as this one on the outside. In fact I’m pretty certain both trailers were manufactured in the same  era,  they are so similar.

In fact I’ve been wondering if this trailer is some  universal do-over,  seeing as how I lost the first one because the property it was on foreclosed & I couldn’t afford the 6 grand to move it.

Our past doesn’t define us, but does provide lessons on what works & what doesn’t.  Don’t live in the past,  just use it as a guide for future decisions.

For instance,  if the friend with the trailer didn’t already own her land,  I’d  have  been much less likely to say yes to this endeavor. Since her land is paid for its less risky this time around.  Also, not having to pay for  the trailer means more resources available for rebuild, which means even the exterior will be re-done.

I’ve done  everything needed for  this rebuild in the past, but in small snippets. This time is large scale,  everything at once. Pace yourself!

Just need to maintain my sanity for as long as it takes. … Cross your fingers for me/us!