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InkTober early

I’m going to do my best to participate in InkTober this year. It’s difficult for me to fit drawings into my schedule, so forgive me if I fail to do all of them.

For those unfamiliar:

I’m starting a couple days ahead because of my schedule.

First one, FISH, I used the following photograph as my study. It is clipart available through a couple different sources. For my purpose, I did a simple screenshot. The original to me appears to have had some significant Photoshop work, but it still worked for me doing a small image.

The drawing progressed as follows, and the green and white ball point pen was my tool of choice. I really need to get better at photographing more stages of rendering. The drawing is on my small bundle of Strathmore cold press watercolor paper, I used the back side for less texture.

The final image is 3.75″ x 3.75″:

Considering I did this in just a few hours of drawing I’m happy with it. I do want to be a little more creative in the rest of InkTober, so we’ll see what that translates into.

May you have good creative moments. If you enjoy drawing may you have plenty of moments to do so. If not, may you find many other ways to express your creativity. May you have fun with your work.

Siva Hir Su

Slow day art.

Today was a very slow day at the clinic, unusually slow. So I started my day off early with an hour of yoga, and then took up some art for another friend. She had shown me a tapestry she liked with dragonflies on it. Knowing she likes colorful things I did a similar, but more colorful image using watercolor paints. I spent 5 hours on it, framed and delivered, and left the office to go give a massage for the return half of my trade. It was a welcome day of enjoyable rest, especially since my weekend may be full of sorting my father’s belongings in prep for his final move.

May you have enjoyable creative time. May you have just enough rest when it is needed. May you have stress free days. May you find everything works out splendid. May you love what you are doing nearly always.

Siva Hir Su

I will leave you with the completed dragonfly image. 8×10 watercolor on Bristol paper.

Ouch and cute.

My 5 year old was jumping around last night just before dinner and landed on grandpa’s walking stick. Wailing erupted immediately.

I launched into fix it mode and sprayed it with arnica and ace bandaged it. I then gave him Tylenol and arnica pellets.

Since it was dinner time, he was parked on the sofa with his foot elevated and fed. Because he was in so much pain he didn’t eat well. We knew he couldn’t climb up into his bed, so we used a floor mat and made it into a bed.

Around 4 am he woke crying because he needed to potty and couldn’t make it on his own. After helping him to the restroom, I dosed him with Tylenol again and decided in the morning I bad better find out how badly he hurt himself.

Nathan drove us 3 to the clinic where I work and I asked doc to take an x-ray. Sure enough the kiddo has gotten himself a couple tiny hairline fractures. Nothing needing set, but definitely needing babied for weeks.

It’s a poor photo because Nathan took the shot after it was off of the light box. If you’re good at reading x-rays you might be able to see the two tiny cracks.

My poor kiddo did not like it when doc told him no jumping for at least a couple of weeks. I reminded him I tried to warn him, and maybe now he’ll listen to us. (Probably not, but I can hope right!)

Anyway, I had started a drawing for a friend last week. It’s of his two pups. I finally finished it today, and thought I would share.

This is the original image I worked from, but I reoriented the positioning of doglegs for a better art layout:

This is the progression of the drawing, beginning, middle, and end. It is Micron Pigma ink pen on 8×10 Bristol paper.

May you have good days and may your kids stay unscathed. May you enjoy time to be creative and have good solutions to all your concerns. May you find gratitude for all the moments where you have all the tools and knowledge you need. May you see everything works out okay.

Siva Hir Su